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just a ski travel quickie to point to a couple of things we’re trying out with this ski holidays domain and these ski deals and ski holidays free mini sites – let me know what we should include on them and we’ll make sure you get all the skiing holiday and deal info requested to be included – s


Group Ski Holidays

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group ski holidays

group ski holidays

Group ski holidays are a great way for you and your friends and family to spend quality time doing what you love most – skiing!  When looking into group ski holidays or group chalet holidays, it’s important to start early in order to get the perfect package for your group.  I there are a lot of you and you all really want to stay together in the same accommodation, you may prefer to book your group ski holidays in a hotel, booking out a number of rooms for you and your party, and with most hotels offering B&B or Half Board accommodation you be sure your group will be looked after.

group ski holiday

group ski holiday

Group ski holidays to a chalet or chalet hotel are another great option; the chalet catering package offers you breakfast, afternoon tea when coming in from the mountain and a 3 course dinner.  If you think you might like to book out a chalet for your group ski holiday and have sole occupancy, start early and book early to ensure you get exactly what you want. With many chalets sleeping 10 people and up there are chalets for any group size and make up.

group skiing

group skiing

If you are looking for a really low price on you group ski holiday, you may want to look at self catering apartments, many can sleep up to 8 people and have all the facilities you need to look after your group for the week. Nearly all group ski holiday bookings will receive a group discount, depending on date, supplier and group size. Either way it’s a great way to get the price down for everyone, or alternatively earn yourself a free place for doing all the hard work!

If you love skiing and you love socialising, there’s really no better kind of travel than group ski holidays.  All the excitment of skiing, alongside all the fun of a week away with your mates.  Group skiing really is the best.

Christmas ski chalets

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christmas ski chalets

Christmas ski chalets

Traditional chocolate box Christmas ski chalets are my idea of a very cool Yule… and now it’s actually cheaper to go skiing for Christmas than to stay at home and get fat!

As the average Brit spends over £1,000 on their average Xmas at home in the UK, it’s no longer looking expensive to spend the week in the alps in one of the top luxury catered Christmas ski chalets.  So forget spending the week over eating and lounging around watching ancient TV re-runs and get yourself up into the mountains for a thrilling and guaranteed white Xmas in a traditional alpine ski resort.

christmas ski holidays

christmas ski holidays

Christmas ski chalets are a winner on many levels:

1. Your Christmas chalet is fully catered so no one in your family has to either cook, clean or wash up.

2. A Christmas skiing from a luxury catered chalet is a lot cooler than one at home watching endless TV dross.

3. Even a package ski chalet for Xmas week, including flights and transfers, is cheaper than staying at home.

4. You’ll spend your Christmas week getting fit instead of fat, despite eating and drinking far too much.

5. You can take only those whose company you really want for the week, and relatives can’t “drop in”.

xmas ski chalets

xmas ski chalets

All of this is just scratching the surface of why you’re better of skiing at Christmas and I’m sure you can think of many more reasons of your own to add to the list… so what are you waiting for?  Get online and get looking now because the best Christmas ski deals are found by early booking (for peak dates like Xmas ski chalets you really don’t want to risk leaving it to the last minute to book – the best places for Xmas skiing sell out early, so carpe diem).

If you’re looking for a really cool Yule then there’s really only one way to spend the festive season – in a luxury catered Christmas ski chalet with your snow mates!

Last Minute Ski Chalets

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last minute ski chalets

last minute ski chalets

Last minute ski chalets are a great way to get out there and enjoy some well-deserved mountain time.  It is often possible to snap up empty rooms in catered chalets last minute and chalet hotels.  As well as being a great way to meet new people, the last minute ski chalets experience takes all the stress out of your holiday, and with all your breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner cooked and delivered to the table all you need to worry about is covering as much of the mountain as possible.

last minute chalets

last minute chalets

Most last minute ski chalets or chalet hotels will have ‘wellness’ facilities such as Saunas and/or Hot tubs, a great way to ease those aching muscles after a hard day on the slopes.  The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, with a chalet host and chef on hand to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible.  When looking into last minute ski chalets its always best to keep numbers low and even, most rooms in last minute ski chalets are twins and prices will be based on 2 sharing.

It is also important to be flexible and open to options. Your budget may mean looking beyond your number 1 resort, but never put it off!  It’s a myth that prices for last minute ski chalets always go down the later it gets, if anything they go up, due to limited flights. If you see a last minute ski chalet deal that fits, book it, or someone else will! I have often been helping customers to find a last minute chalet deal, and when finding the last room in a great chalet, they have gone way to think about it or shop around, only to come back the next day to book it and it’s gone.  Don’t be that guy!  Book your last minute chalet holiday today!

First snows in Sierra Nevada – Europe’s most southerly ski resort

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This picture was taken last week from the coastal resort of Salobreña

Sierra Nevada snow

Sierra Nevada first snow 2011

The Sierra Nevada Mountains have had their first snowfall. After a particularly hot summer, the first snows were late in coming but all predictions for the coming weeks put the ski station on track to be open by the end of the month.

Sierra Nevada offers one of Europe’s longest ski seasons – from November through to May. Ski holidays in Spain are increasingly popular and look to remain so for the coming season. More and more Spanish are discovering the joys of skiing and holiday makers from Northern Europe who have been traditional more inclined to opt for beach holidays, are beginning to realize that they can enjoy the best of both Worlds. By renting a holiday home in Granada, it really is possible to be skiing in the morning and spend the afternoon on the beach.

About Sierra Nevada

After the Alps, the Sierra Nevada (the snowy mountains) is the second highest mountain range in Europe. A fact that often comes as a
surprise to many. Fourteen (one-fifth) of its peaks are over 3000m (9840ft) high and it covers a total area of some 170,000ha/420,070 acres.

skiing Sierra Nevada Spain

Skiing Spain Sierra Nevada

Snow and ice, both of which are present for much of the year have eroded this mountain chain during the course of time to create a sculpted, twisted profile.

The highest peaks, Mulhacen (3482m / 11132ft) and Alcazaba (3371m / 11057ft) and the Veleta (3394m / 11132ft) are all found in the Western part of the range.

The Sierra Nevada ski resort was built in 1964 and held its first major sporting event, a World Cup downhill in 1977. Since that time, the resort has come along leaps and bounds – it is now Spain’s best equipped ski resort and most popular. The resort can count on over 100km of ski
runs, a total of 115 slopes and all serviced by 22 ski lifts.

Last Minute Ski Deals

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Cheap last minute ski deals are the best way to book a ski bargain but, if you don’t know the secrets of searching for last minute ski holidays, finding a good one can be tricky.

Follow these rules and you’ll be sure to bag the best and cheapest last minute ski deals in the last few weeks before you’re planning to go skiing.

last minute ski deals

last minute ski deals

(A)  To get the best last minute ski holidays, go with sno mates.

The cheapest last minute ski deals are usually for groups of 4 or more.  The most available type of skiing accommodation, in the last week before departure, are the self catering apartments and they tend to be for 4 or more people.  The lowest prices advertised are for “maximum occupancy”. If you put only 2 people in an apartment for 4, it won’t be as cheap because there will be an “under occupancy” cost added.

last minute ski holidays

last minute ski holidays

(B)  Don’t consider waiting for a tiny bit more discount – if you spot it, grab it!

Indecision will scupper even the most ardent search for a last minute ski deal.  Skiers and snowboarders get the best late ski deals when they understand that holding out for another twenty quid off will only lose them the whole holiday.  Seize the day!

late ski deals

late ski deals

(C)  The early bird catches the worm – look for the new last minute ski deals online each morning and phone in to book before everyone else spots them.

Most late ski deals websites upload their new last minute ski holidays each night, so the new ones will be there when you search each morning, but… the very best of each morning’s last minute ski packages get seen by everyone
and start to sell quickly.  Skiers who look and call to book quickly will secure the best bargains.

The very best way to find a last minute ski holiday is probably to phone a company which specialises in late ski deals, but you can do a lot to improve your chances if you go online with these 3 rules each morning.  Find your perfect last minute ski deals first on their websites and then make sure you’re the first savvy skier to phone in when their booking lines open at 9am.

all inclusive ski holidays

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Why the recession spelt the death of independent ski travel and the rise of all inclusive ski holidays.

Let’s face it, we all like a bargain, and fewer discounts feel more exciting than cheap ski deals…

… it’s why independent ski holidays were popular until the recession bit, and it’s why the new king of ski deals, the all inclusive ski holiday, is the new favourite among cost conscious skiers and snowboarders.

When times were good and there were many suppliers in the ski industry, it’s fair to say that often the best prices to get all included ski holidays were achieved by hunting down and booking each element of the ski holiday yourself, but here’ s how the recession changed all that:

– many small operators went out of business, reducing choice and competition

– the biggest ski operators bought more small ones and got bigger, increasing their buying and therefore bargaining power

– the average skier and snowboarder became wary of booking with a small ski operator, because they wanted ATOL and/or TTA bonding and protection for their ski holiday money

Enter the now super popular all inclusive ski holidays from the UK’s biggest ATOL protected tour operators.

The key benefits are not lost on skiers and snowboarders booking their holidays in a cash strapped and financially insecure year.

– they include all the major costs of a ski holiday, so you don’t have to worry about buying a lift pass or renting skis in Euros

– they are with the UK’s biggest ski travel companies, so they are ATOL backed and you can book with confidence

BUT, the biggest benefit is actually the price!

Because the big three ski companies now control so much of the market, their bargaining power with the suppliers is greater than ever.  They get the accommodation cheaper, and the flights cheaper, and they arrange their own transfer coaches too.

In short, the economies of scale which the top ski firms can bring to bear is now so huge, that building a ski holiday yourself can’t possibly compete on price with the all inclusive ski holidays of Neilson (owned by Thomas Cook), Inghams (Interhome) and the TUI Ski clones (that’s Crystal Ski, Thomson Ski and First Choice Ski).  These 3 big boys are the reason that we can ski all inclusive for less than every before.

So forget delusions of independence – the best and cheapest ski deals this year, and for the foreseable future, are all inclusive ski holidays.