Weight – I can breathe better!

I have given up smoking. I have been ‘clean’ now for 8 days and counting. It has been a difficult process so far and I think, it might just be for the rest of my life. But there it is then…and may I add, this was not a new year’s resolution…it was just one of those spur of the moment things. On an evening I looked and I counted four cigarettes in my packet. It was the coldest night of the winter so far and I was NOT venturing out in zero Fahrenheit to get cigarettes so I figured I could just stop…and I did… Funny that because I stood outside smoking those last four cigarettes, like every one before that – never in my house.

So now I am not smoking and keeping myself very busy with things around the house. As long as the weather remains cold for the next few weeks, I should be fine. But there is one setback and this is a weighty issue – I am eating like there is no tomorrow! I am breathing better but I am eating more. And I don’t discriminate either – goldfish (the biscuit kind!), wheat thins, crisps, dried fruit…anything. Don’t sit there and think that I should eat healthier options. I would rather be prodded with a hot poker than dip a celery stick in to a low calorie dressing. If I am giving up one pleasure, at least allow me to have another. I figured the eating is the lesser of two evils. A few extra pounds is nothing in exchange for few extra years…

Actually, quite proud of myself then – cold turkey! No Chantix, Nico-whatever-crap-tasting-gum/lozenge! I did it on my own…Might just need to celebrate with a glass of something bubbly – oh wait, that might make me want a cigarette. Where are those crisps then…


~ by ski holidays on January 9, 2008.

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