How Green is Your Valley?

This morning I was woken up by my neighbor who goes to work at 6am. I normally do not have a problem with this but today, he decided to idle his pick up for forty minutes before leaving. We get up at six so it is not that I sleep late during the week (hell, I have a four year old and an ten year old – I have not slept later than 7am in ten years!). My problem is two-fold. I DON’T like waking up just before I have to – it feels like I am being robbed of the sleep I so desperately need. But I have a bigger problem than that…

Last night we had some more winter weather. We had a lot of rain yesterday and thunderstorms last night which turned into a bit of sleet and a dusting of snow. Less than a third of an inch. It was not that cold – we have had worse this winter season. So logically, there was no reason to idle the car to melt the ice off the windscreen and to warm the engine. This guy wanted his pick up to have a warm cabby before he left for work. Forty minutes – the exhaust emmissions alone must have warmed the neighborhood more than it needed. Although I see the logic of warming the engine before driving and melting the ice if there is, I can not get my head around leaving a car idling for such a long period of time. Granted I come from a country where this cold weather is never experienced and to add to that, leaving your car idling in the driveway at 5am would be an open invitation to a car thief!

I just think that although going completely green is almost out of the question and beyond the pocket of almost everyone, not just the people in my town, I do feel that each of us should at least try to reduce what we contribute. I recycle – really well I might add – the recycling that is outside my house every two weeks tops everyone in my street. Unlike others, I only put out one trash bag a week for collection. Where is my noddy badge! My husband and I had a little disagreement last night about an advert on tv for General Electric. Hubby’s take on it was that the company is implying that these certain products are completely green. I saw it differently. Consumers are not stupid, I retorted because we all know that somewhere along the line fridges, washing machines and other appliances do some damage. But what is great about these, is that they do less damage. He said that that is what they should say. I asked whether housewives could not think for themselves? By that stage I was ready to commit to buying these products because in the small world that is my house, I will be doing my share.

I have done various things to help minimize my carbon footprint on the planet and I think that it is enough. I just hate being preached to by huge celebs about being green when they have huge gas and heating bills and drive not one, but multiple SUV’s.

So, don’t treat me like I am stupid. I have common sense although I think you might want to have a word with my neighbor!!!


~ by ski holidays on February 7, 2008.

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