When did I get off the bus?

I seem to have assumed the role of enabler. Not the type that you automatically think of when I say the word. I am not enabling anyone to do bad things – like drink, overeat, use drugs – nothing like that. I am proud to say that I am enabling the people in my life to do great and wonderful things.
When we moved to the US from the UK almost two years ago, I proudly announced the night before we left, that I was going to start a blog. I was going to keep a daily record online of what it was like to move, the experiences, the sights and sounds of our new town. I had the material right there in front of me. But when did I get off the bus? I never wrote the blog and now the experiences seem almost unreal to try to recreate now. I might still try, you never know.
But where am I going with this? Well, I was carrying on so much about blogging (you see, all talk, little time for action!)that I think I planted the seed in Hubby’s mind and he got blogging and might I add that he is a frigging blogging success. So my attempts seem almost laughable – hang on I said almost – I am not looking for compliments or fake sympathy. I am writing aren’t I? So Hubby’s blogs are attracting many many views (yesterday he topped 1200 – he is only been at it since December-ish)and we were talking about this in front of my 10 year old. Now my daughter has always shown the desire to write. She loves the creativity, the escape, the facts, the whole shebang really. So tonight, in my room while I still recover from a nasty flu strain we designed her new website. A place where she can go and show the world just what she is made of. She has guts, is glorious and a remarkable young person and I am proud to call her my child.
So I have now enabled two important people in my life to do something they thought they might not have wanted to do and I am happy I could do that. But I still want to get back on the bus – lets just hope it is on a circular route!


~ by ski holidays on March 8, 2008.

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