Standing by her lying man

What is it with men in power? They have an unhealthy obsession with power and it is not enough to wield this power in the office, they have to take their desires to be the big cheese elsewhere. And generally this ‘elsewhere’ ends up being their downfall and the cause of hurt for others!

Yesterday Spitzer came out from behind the red curtain of the bordello and admitted his involvement with a huge prostitution ring. And there was the obligatory press conference where he apologizes to his wife and family – and that brings me to my biggest problem with these pathological power mongers – the sullen dutiful wife, standing by her lying man.

My heart goes out to these poor women. They stand their in the glare of the media and face the humiliation head on. The husbands think that by apologizing in public and dragging this innocent victim with them into the spotlight will show their own remorse. Spitzer’s wife could not take her sad eyes off the podium behind which her husband stood. Her pain was so real and I felt myself wanting to climb into and console her by slapping the man. The problem with this is that this is happening again and again and again.

We all know that Hillary stood by her man when he denied the allegations of affairs with Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky. Whether he did or not, is for them to know for sure and I can only imagine that there is not a day that goes by that Bill does not pay for it one way or another. Although Hillary’s experience was just as painful, my feelings for Mrs Spitzer were so much more fundamental because her husband was a well known prosecutor of amongst other cases – prostitution!!!!

He said he needs to now ‘dedicate some time to regain the trust of his family’. Imagine if instead of spending time with prostitutes, he actually spent that time working on his marriage, his honesty and his ability to be trusted. And what is with the ‘some time’ – how about I need to spend my time now…? He must have more time on his hands now, what with not going to the Emperor’s Club anymore or possibly losing his job. Apologies, he said, would go first and foremost to his family. Funny that – his family were not first and foremost in his mind when he put his calls in to the Emperor’s Club!

I just wish that one day, the dutiful wife would take the microphone at the podium during the pathetic apology, and tell us that she is hurt and disgraced and angry. Why does the husband get to say that she is. I am not sure I would even stand there next to him and show my support. The humiliation would be too great for me and unlike these public power maniacs, I can not lie.

Shame on you Spitzer, and all the others before you and undoubtedly those who will come after you. And there will be more because somewhere in the dark crevices of the minds of these idiots, they never think that they will be caught…Did the Heidi Fleiss saga not teach you guys anything?


~ by ski holidays on March 10, 2008.

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