Super Singles

I recently stumbled on a blog written by a single mom and it reminded me of a few things. I am a mother of two, with a husband who loves being at home and being involved when he is not traveling or having to work. And work he does, hard too. He loves his job and is good at it and has also recently started dipping into the blogosphere. But enough about him – you get the picture – I am happily married and he is involved.

So, for reasons too complicated to discuss here, I am a stay at home mom with my two girls and three cats! I never pictured myself as a cross between Mary Poppins and Martha Stewart and trust me when I tell you, that I am no way close to that ideal, despite efforts. I do try but sometimes my situation overwhelms me a bit and I just find that I am outdone by the mounds of laundry (girls really do wear many outfits on one day!), trying to figure out interesting menus, and oh the cleaning…I hate cleaning but love a clean house so I try to do a bit every day. And when I sit in my kitchen lamenting at this turn of my life (missing my nice work clothes, the lunches, even the deadlines!) I am often drawn to the thought of the single parent – just how in heaven’s name do they do it? And I will refer to single parent as being the single mom – I know there are many many excellent single dads out there – but it easier for me to write from the female perspective.

The idea of getting up an hour before the kids to get the day going, putting a load of laundry in the machine, getting breakfasts, lunches and the plan for dinner underway. Waking the kids, getting them dressed, fed, getting them to school and then only starting their day – the mere thought is enough to drive my head firmly in the sand. All this before their busy day starts earning the dough to keep all fed, clothed, happy. And many of these super singles do not earn mega bucks in salary – there are so many out there that do two or even three jobs. They don’t just cope, they excel.

Last week I was struck down by flu virus. Something my four year old was compelled to share with me – thanks for that. She had the vaccine and I did not, so there is no argument either way there. When I started to feel the tickle in my throat and the aching joints, I figured a few nights of Nyquil will once again be enough to get me back to form but it was not, this was the real deal. I was totally floored. My eldest stayed at home on the Wednesday too with a sore throat but by 11am she made an executive decision and called her father. ‘You better come home, mom is not doing so well!’ – what a brilliant young girl she is. Hubby trotted home and proceeded to take on the role of Mr Mom. He cooked meals, got the eldest off to school in the wee hours of the morning while the young one and mom lay feverish in bed watch Flushed Away (how many times can you see that movie without going insane!). One thing though – he never did any laundry and I recovered just in time before the family had to recycle worn clothes!

My point is – with my family in another country, what would I have done if I was a single mom? A dilemma I am sure many woman face on a regular basis. I am lucky with my place and am grateful.

SO hats off to you single parents everywhere who make it work – who work hard and raise a wonderful family. You deserve recognition – and I don’t think you get enough of that.


~ by ski holidays on March 12, 2008.

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