When Common Sense Went On Strike


The day the writers went on strike, our common sense did too. We were deprived of good TV. I loved my programs on the box. I watch Lost, House and CSI amongst others so you can imagine my total withdrawal when the writers decided to put down the pen and prove that indeed, the pen when down, is mightier than the sword. Make no mistake, I agreed with why they went on strike and supported them but the withdrawal of good television has caused some irreparable damage on the psyche of the box watching public.

Void of all intelligent entertainment we were bombarded with ‘reality’ programs and game shows and I found myself watching more on demand stuff than ever before and scouring the local library for DVDs of the movies that I would not mind watching again. The strike is over now and we are in the last stretch before the goodies come back to our screens and being confined to bed last week with the flu, I found myself desperate for a bit of entertainment. I had watched all the 48 hours mysteries I could handle and I flicked onto that game show “Moment of Truth” (I can’t be bothered to remember the time but I was not surprised when I saw it was on Fox – where ‘truth’ is a relative term!)

Oh my goodness. What in heaven’s name has happened to common sense. The premise of this game show is based on the lie detector test (you know, the ones made famous by Jerry Springer etc) – your spouse or partner or family or friend answers questions and based on their honesty, they win money. The questions start mild and quite amusing but as the game progresses so does the intensity of the queries.

‘Have you every had sex with one of your friends’ wives?’ – are you being serious? Weeping wife sits on the sidelines as her husband answers ‘Yes’ and truth is declared. OMG, I was ignorant as to how quickly people would sell their marriages, their children if they had any, their relationships or their reputations for money. It is so morally and humanly corrupt it appalls me. When the host (and I can’t be bothered to remember his name) asked if they were okay – being obviously distressed – they offered no response to which he quipped: ‘Oh well you have a $100 000!’

Another couple – the wife faced the questions – self proclaimed jealous husband sat in the inner circle with her siblings and her mother. Her questions: Are you a better mother to your children than your mother was to you? Did you invite some one to your wedding you previously had sex with? Do you have a secret that you know could potentially end your marriage? (FYI: she answered truthfully yes and then said to her startled husband that she would not tell him what it was at all).

How does a relationship recover from this? Do you sweep this experience under the mat because not to worry, you have $50k or $100k to boot? Originally when the programs like Jerry Springer came out, people aired their laundry in public for nothing more than notoriety and maybe a free trip to the bright lights big city. But now they do this for money. Do the couples strike a deal before the time, agreeing to embarrass and humiliate themselves for some quick money. Why not just sign up for Survivor instead, you might get dirty but your laundry stays the way it should.

I am hoping that we have hit rock bottom. I would rather watch the life cycle of a fruit worm than go through that again. Welcome back writers, heaven only knows how much I missed you.


~ by ski holidays on March 13, 2008.

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