Defending The Future


If all children had parents who inspired them to think and question and participate in healthy debate, I believe that the world would be a much better place to live in. I know that this ideal will only exist in an Utopian society but we can each strive to bring out the best in our children. No matter what your personal set of beliefs are, you can raise your child to question the world around them and strive to be the very best in a world where everyone deserves the very best.

My ten year old is a bright girl. She is intelligent and creative and everyday I sit and marvel at the wonder that is my child who I am very very blessed to have. Both Hubby and I have tried to instill in her the values that will enable her to live a good life with a healthy outlook. She lives and breathes equality and justice and even at ten is showing signs of not just rolling with the punches but questioning why things are the way are and how they could be made better.

Yesterday she attended a conference organised by the community service group at her school. One of the mini-seminars she sat in on dealt with the issue of Greyhound Racing and the (mis)treatment of these magnificent dogs by the breeders and the racers, and the drive to have this form of racing declared illegal in our state. Her subsequent blog entry was precise and her facts were correct but what struck me more was that she was emotional about the issue. One comment which I did not elect to publish (I deal with all comments submitted as the blog administrator) tackled her on the fact that she should research the facts and not let this hearsay emotionally affect her opinion.

Now, before I get to the real crux of the matter, let me just say that I felt the temperature of my blood rise to the boiling mark. From a mother’s perspective, I wanted to take this commentator by the keyboard and just defend my child. However, if my daughter wants to publish on the Internet, she will have to take the good with the bad but only if the bad is constructive criticism.

The first issue I had with the comment is that this person accused my daughter of not getting her facts straight. She had them straight alright, she did her research and I have told her, ‘If you want to write about something, you need to get your facts straight.’ And being the perfectionist she is, she researches and double checks before publishing. The second issue I have is that being accused of being emotional is precisely why we have so many issues to worry about in this world. If we became more emotional about child abuse, or domestic violence, or war, or hunger, then maybe we would do more to fight against the perpetuation of these. There is nothing wrong with being emotional. Emotions are what drives us to do the things we do. And without them, we might as well not breathe. So well done to my child for standing up in what she believes and making her feelings known – if only there were more adults so brave.

For the record, if that commentator happens upon this blog entry, I say to you: Greyhound racing is wrong and if you do not get emotional by the way these creatures are treated, I feel nothing but pity for you because you have lost the ability to be human.


~ by ski holidays on March 18, 2008.

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