Missing: Common Sense

Just a short note this morning. I have a mound of washing to do and a house that despite having only two children, girls, looks like the Brady bunch have moved through here backwards with sledgehammers (although I think my three mischievous cats have a hand in it too – telltale tufts of hair left behind as they played). So lots to do because this afternoon I want to sit down with my new sewing machine and make something – anything – just something.

On the news this morning was an item which really hacked me off. Guns are being sold by a Wisconsin company that are now in funky colors – you can get a .38 in Barney Purple or Sunshine Yellow – making them look like water pistols and clearly giving the perp a second or two advantage over the cop who might hesitate in his conviction of the authenticity of the weapon, especially if the person holding it is a minor. Or you could buy the paint kit and customise your own weapon. What is this manufacturer thinking? Clearly they are not. I don’t like guns and it is heinous what these people have done. Let alone that they called it the Bloomberg Collection and for promotional purposes emblazoned a caricature of Mayor Bloomberg on the barrels without his permission. Not to mention the incompetent Ops Manager of Lauer Custom Weaponry trying to defend this action on ABC this morning – where has the common sense gone?

Now something funny got to me too. While I appreciate the fact that people will pay incomprehensible sums of money for things that have religious imprints on them, like Jesus in a piece of toast, or the weeping virgin in a potato, I somehow find it crazy to pay $1350 for a cornflake shaped like Illinois! Who in heavens name wants to buy a cornflake shaped like Illinois? That is all I have to say about this ridiculous item and woe to the person who would sell this, and I feel sorry for the person that felt the cornflake was worth it. At any given time I am sure you can find one of the 50 states in our cornflake box or maybe you can find South Africa in my coco pops box or even Elvis in the wheat thins. Another case of common sense on the blink…

Kudos though to Diane Sawyer from ABC with an excellent, thoughtful, insightful yet sensitive look at the world of prostitution in America and the life these girls lead which aired last night.

So just my quick thoughts on this morning’s news.


~ by ski holidays on March 22, 2008.

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