Spring Clean


Technically speaking, it is spring although one would never know it if you have a look at our weather forecast for the next few days. Light snow tonight, and light snow tomorrow night and temps in the low 40’s. Normally we would have temps of around 50 but I am not complaining, really. It has been a long hard winter with lots and lots of snow. I love snow. I don’t even mind shoveling but I am not fond of rain. I tolerate it because we need it but that is as far it goes.

So with spring coming, it is obviously the time for spring cleaning! I am tackling this nasty task with a vengeance this year. I will NOT be defeated by dust bunnies, and dark closets. This year is the year to get shot of all the crap and have a more minimalistic house. Yeah, right. If you have ever been to my house, you would know that in order to get a minimalistic house, I would have to move to a bigger house! Actually, all I really need is one extra room – a room that belongs to me. A room for my sewing machine and laptop which are both housed in the dining room and need to be packed away at the end of the day so that the dining room does not resemble a study/craft room. I love eating at the dining table with my family but sometimes I just don’t get around to sorting out the space.

So back to spring cleaning – I am drawing up a schedule and according to this wonderful tool, we (and I mean Hubby and me!) will be done with the spring cleaning within three days. The basement is Hubby’s job though – I am NOT going in there at all. It is tidy and kind of organised but there are things in there that we need to get rid of. I mean, honestly, I am never going to use that exercise bike I lugged all the way from England with me! So hello Martha, I am psyched up to get this done.

But the spring cleaning there is not all that needs to be done. I am also going to reform the garden and create a space that is enjoyable so that I can sit outside while the kids swim and play. Our backyard is not the kind that I could sit inside while the girls play outside although it is fenced in, I can’t see them except from the one obscure dining room window and access to this is blocked by the sewing machine – see how it is all interlinked. I figured I need to get the garden sorted seeing as the neighbor has already taken out his balls! Now before you get all boggled eyed (Harriet!), I mean those garden reflection balls people put outside during the warmer months. I take my lead from my neighbor although I did not follow promptly when he put his Christmas decorations up in November!

But also me. I am going to clean me out. I am getting rid of the clothes I can no longer fit into, not because I have become fat but more because thanks to Mother Nature, I am not the same size as what I was when I was 18 and really, with two children, I really prefer comfort and style than fashion. I love food and I love good food. And although I am not fond of junk food, I do indulge about once a month is those (reference to previous post – I do love fries and NOTHING is going to stop me eating those!). But no more crap to eat like crisps and chocolates. With no holidays coming up in the next few months that involve chocolates, I am happy. But there are some that I know who love their junk food: their pizzas and their donuts. In fact, one person did say to me ‘I don’t like the donuts now that they have taken out the trans fat. I mean really, if you were going to eat healthy you would not eat a donut anyway! It takes a way the taste and that defeats the object!’ Good point, I suppose. It is like taking the sugar and caffeine out of coca cola  – there is no point!

But spring heralds the coming of summer and I am definitely looking forward to cocktails! MMMmmmmmm! I love long summer days outside with good friends, stunning al fresco dining and jugs of cocktails! Bring the summer on, this snow lover is ready to don the bathing suit and worship the sun from the comfort of the shade and in the privacy of my own backyard!



~ by ski holidays on March 27, 2008.

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  1. Thank you for clarifying! Love, H.V.J.J.

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