Tuesday Was Cancelled…

Did I miss the memo? Was there an ’emergency signal’ sent over the television making the announcement which I did not get while watching an entire weekend of ‘Deadliest Catch’-up? Somewhere I was non comprendo because I did not get the notice that Monday had been extended in length. Last time I checked it was officially 24 hours long – in my house I declare the end of a Monday at 8pm when kids are in bed, fed and bathed, hubby is blogging quietly in the corner, cats are fed and somewhere causing trouble in the basement and I, ah, I can retire to my boudoir in comfy pj’s and watch Two And A Half Men. Then Monday is done.

But today – although it says Tuesday on my calendar, I know that there is a conspiracy because Monday has not ended…but to get to the end, let me start at the beginning because if you think that my Monday only started at midnight on Sunday, you are so so mistaken…

On Thursday, I had to buy a new desk top computer for the house. The old one (already pushing five!) had well and truly started giving up the ghost. The motor was no longer working properly so it would shut down all the time in the middle of playing on Nick Jr and try to explain that to a four year old! The fan also no longer operated correctly so the box was not cooling down and frankly, it was the most frustrating item to have in the house, wishing that fax machines had stuck around a bit longer. So I left the house armed with our tax refund and my credit card and set out in search of a new computer. The irony is beyond me though because I first did my research and window shopping on line – on the desktop that was going to be replaced. I am sure it sensed something though – 8 shutdowns in 25 minutes! But who is laughing now – the new desk top sings and is a wonderful addition to the family.

My laptop has been dodgy for a while now and I even had it serviced about two months ago hoping that that would do the trick. It cost almost $250 to get it sorted out and although, it was kind of better, each time I switched in on, I knew it was just a matter of time. That time came on Thursday night. Obviously in a state of distress about the new super fast up to date addition in the house, my laptop crashed beyond repair after making a horrific sound that would pummel you with your worst fears. So there I was, looking at the little stream of smoke petering out the back of the now closed piece of *&^$% and sighed. So, the next purchase was set out then, a new laptop for mom.

I woke up on Friday, quite excited about my new upcoming purchase – I mean who does not love a new laptop! Hubby cornered me at the breakfast table and reminded me that we had discussed getting a laptop for our eldest daughter for her birthday which is coming up in May. She does superbly at school, does her own bit of blogging and loves writing. I know, I know, we had just bought the new desktop but our youngest is now using that one too. It stands in the corner of the living room and serves as the family media center – being the only one with a printer which is not wireless. And if I was going to buy one, I might as well buy two. Okay I agreed, watching the IRS laughing in the back of my mind – who needs the spending incentive checks in our house when our electronic goods are doing the job of making us spend our tax dollars anyway. So we decided that on Saturday we would go PC shopping.

I took out the vacuum and started to tackle the carpets. The cats had had a wild night the night before and left some hair on the living carpet which needed to be taken care of. I plugged in the cheap machine we had bought when we moved here and flicked the switch. Nothing….I mean absolutely NOTHING!!!!! I loaded the latest appliance casualty into the car and took it down to the local repair guy – there was nothing they could do, it was kaput. The motor had gone. So a new vacuum then….

And this is all happening before Monday! So let me get to the point before the rest of the week is gone and I look again and it is that dreaded day all over again.

By Sunday night, I had purchased one desk top, two laptops, a new vacuum cleaner (the one specifically for pet owners) and a carpet steamer. I went to sleep on Sunday confident that I am now covered for any emergency and would have a glorious trouble free week. I have had no appliance or electronic issue as yet (screaming ‘touching wood’ while I vigorously hit the side of my own head!) but I was dealt other issues.

At 3am my youngest woke me up to share the details of her ‘bad dream’ which turned out to be about the big cat living in the house behind us. I can’t remember what all happened – my brain tends to be non-functioning and rather foggy at 3am. At breakfast later, at 6:45am, my youngest requested toast for hers and wanted Marmite (a sticky black savory spread for bread and toast with the consistency of warm tar – as the ad says, you either love it or you don’t, we love it. It is a very South African spread…). There was a trick though behind this very simple breakfast request. I had to take out the black color! That is like taking the red out of strawberry jelly. How the hell do I do that? After her disappointment at mom’s inability to perform this rather benign task, we settled on honey.

I walked into the living room to find that Delilah, our greedy cat, once again swallowed her pellets whole and decided to deposit them on the carpet for us all to share and see that her sharp teeth have no function, other than chewing Barbie’s hair. I picked it up in the kitchen paper and thanked the saleslady for telling me I needed that carpet steamer.

Then the usual happened: had to do a run to the store for apple juice, coffee and bread. While there I picked up that automatic shower cleaner, which has turned out to be the MOST USELESS item ever invented. Did the dancing run and then had to try and remove a splinter from my four year old’s finger. No easy task. After dinner and the nightly routine, I sat down to window shop on line for a new mattress. Our current one is way past being acceptable. It has travelled two continents and the springs collectively act better than any alarm clock to get me out from under the covers on a weekend morning. I just can’t lie in because I will then have to deal with all sorts of aches and pains. So by midnight I had purchased two new mattresses (our youngest had outgrown hers) and am now eagerly waiting delivery on Saturday – I can lie in on Sunday getting ready to face a Monday again. I hopped in amongst the bed springs at 12:30am more than ready to kiss Monday goodbye.

4am – and woken again by the wretched dream about the cat. This cat does no harm at all except stalk around in the bottom of our garden so I can’t see an issue with it besides waking me up via my daughter in the middle of the night. 5:30am hubby’s alarm clock goes off. It is Tuesday but Monday is not giving up without a fight. Youngest at daycare by 8am. Dentist with eldest at 8:30 – stuck in major traffic after a young high school student rammed into the back of the fire chief’s SUV. Dentist running 30 minutes late. Insurance paperwork. “Your daughter will need braces.” Take eldest back to school, via Starbucks for a triple grande anything because I left my coffee standing in the travel mug on the kitchen table. Successful delivery at school, back into the car and the traffic. Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh…headache…

At home, pack dishwasher, answer phone and organise delivery of mattresses on Saturday, politely tell a caller from a hotel chain that we did not want to buy timeshare and that despite having told her this 6 times in the last three weeks, she still can not get the picture??????

Collect all from school, dancing run, traffic. Dinner downgraded from home made lasagna to spaghetti bolognaise…cats fed, children fed, bath time done….watch the recording of Two And A Half Men, go to sleep and pretend that Tuesday was cancelled because no one had survived Monday. When I wake up it will be Wednesday, always a good day in the week. After all, the only thing scheduled is laundry….I can feel the hair rising on my neck…


~ by ski holidays on April 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Tuesday Was Cancelled…”

  1. At least you had a nice new laptop to blog on 😉

  2. Only an idiot can comment like angryafrican. Don’t even feel sympathy for the poor woman. Raising THREE kids is bad enough.

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