Happy To See Monday

It has been a weekend and a half in our house. Enough action to span four days, was crammed into a day and a half. Our weekend actually only begins at 11am on a Saturday when my youngest finishes her ballet lesson. Then we get to doing weekend things. Last weekend was glorious, we spent the entire time outside in the sun doing gardening, playing or having a barbecue (refer to Troubleshooting the Hubby).

This weekend we had to spend more of our time indoors because the weather was not playing along and gave us some wind and rain. So we moved furniture, cleaned an antique bed for our youngest’s room, got rid of stuff, steam cleaned the playroom carpet and replaced the winter clothes with summer ones in the closets. As I sit here tonight, I am exhausted, I don’t think that there is one muscle in my body that does not ache. Including my right knee and this is why…

On Saturday afternoon, my eldest daughter was busy working on a science project in her room, my youngest was playing with toys on the living room carpet, endlessly chattering to her dolls amusing herself. Hubby was perched on the rocking chair – his favorite spot to blog – doing what he does best – blogging. I decided it would be great to sneak upstairs and catch forty winks on my bed dappled with sunshine. I lay my head on my pillow and tickled one of my kitties who always sleeps on my bed. I must have been asleep for just 20 minutes when I heard this almighty scream coming from the living room. I jumped off the bed, grabbed my glasses from the bedside table and headed towards the stairs. The crying continued, interspersed by my husband trying to ascertain what had happened. I think I heard ‘nose’ as I headed down the stairs, two at a time. I was trying to put my glasses on at the same time. Now, normally, I am a legend at multi-tasking. But in my semi-comatose state I am not so good at running, thinking and seeing at the same time. I missed my step and in slow motion, fell forward down the stairs. My arms were flailing and were incapable of stopping or breaking my fall. Funny that, there is no grip on a painted wall. I put my right leg out – incidentally the same leg which has the knee that had me in physio for 12 weeks. The thing is, going down stairs and landing on a straight leg is not the ideal landing. My bottom is a lot flabbier than what it was 20 years ago but trust me when I tell you that butt flab does NOT soften the landing. My knee jolted and I traveled four stairs. But hey, bully for me, I managed to put my glasses on mid flight! I raced down hobbled down the rest of the stairs and flew into the living room: “What happened?”

“My nose, it is up my nose!” my four year old wailed. OMG, she is four years old and has only now decided to start depositing things up her nose? About four months ago, she swallowed a penny. When she pooped the penny, she promised that the only things that would go in her mouth were her food and her edible treats. Clearly I should have covered ears and noses in the mantra I said over and over again. Hubby, the hero looked up her nose and saw the offending object. “Should we go to the ER?” I asked dishevelled and panting slightly. But before my words were said, Hubby had removed the little piece of plastic: a jewel from Disney Princesses. I sat with her and calmed her down. She had got the fright of her life and although my heart was racing 100 miles per hour, I spoke soothingly to her and reassured her that she would be fine, as long as she no longer found alternative hiding places for her riches.

As I sat there I realised that the pain I was now feeling was no longer for the my daughter and her fear, but pangs coming up from my knee. Hubby then took the little one and I hobbled away and slowly climbed the stairs. In my room, I inspected my knee and if I did not know my anatomy, I would not have been able to tell you the front from the back. I sighed and lay down again on my bed, knowing that I could not recoup those 30 winks I have never had and that 10 winks were just not enough. I lay in the warm spring sunshine and started thinking where my knee guard was.

So, tomorrow is Monday. Normally the mere thought of the day would send a chill down my spine but somehow, I am comfortably relaxed about the beginning of the week. The house is looking relatively neat and I can go about my chores happy in the knowledge that Hubby is safe at work, eldest daughter is diligently working at school and that youngest is at daycare where somehow, she NEVER gets up to half the mischief she does at home!


~ by ski holidays on April 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Happy To See Monday”

  1. Your husband sounds like a real MacGyver. I bet he did it with a Swiss Army Knife. Oh, what a guy to save the day… Is he hawt?

  2. AA: you have NO idea!!!

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