I had a dream…

I dream. I dream alot. I daydream too but my dreams I have at night are the most entertaining. And I remember most if not all of them – maybe not the next day, maybe I will only remember them a few days down the line. But most of the time I just laugh when I recall what my brain did the night before. And before you go and think all funny things about me, my brain and my dreams – none of them are like that…. 😉

When the Primaries got under way, I had a dream…There I was sitting at home when the front door bell rang. I got up from the laundry basket, opened the door and found a man standing at the door dressed in a cheapish black suit and dark glasses. My mind, in my sleep, leaned over and said to me “Are you having a Men in Black dream?” I decided that Men in Black was not what I felt like because I was not in the mood for aliens. I felt like some thing else…surprise me! The man in black leaned forward and said:

“Senator McCain would like a word with you…he is in the car…”

I looked startled at the Secret Service guy: “But I am a democrat…”

I got into the car and was whisked off to dinner at Legal Seafood. John then asked me for advice on his campaign strategy! I spent the evening telling him that in actual fact, his best strategy would be to convert to democrat-ism and run with Obama! The next thing I knew the secret service dude grabbed my by the arm and shoved me back into my living room to finish my laundry…


The other night I fell asleep and found myself sitting outside a blue condo under the shade of a parasol, sipping a mojito. A beautiful old Chevy pulled up and a guy got out and lit a cigarette. I looked at him suspiciously and said:

“No smoking allowed here.” He turned around and smiled and looked at me with that Do you know who I am?  look in his eyes.

“Sorry,” he said. “Hey, I have tickets available to my show tonight, do you want to come?”

Who is this dude and why is he offering me tickets to his show? I casually said yes and took the tickets. I walked inside my house and went into the living room to tell my boyfriend we had plans for the evening. Now remember, this is a dream and I am actually married in real life. He asked what show the tickets were for. I looked at the tickets and did not recognise the name.

“Bon Jovi.” I said not knowing who they were. Again, remember this is a dream – I am a huge fan of Bon Jovi. He asked who gave me the tickets.

“Some guy called Jon…” I answered. Boyf got up from the sofa and walked over to the kitchen. My dream brain caught up with my awake brain and I smiled. This was a good one. Leonardo di Caprio turned around and smiled at me…

“Can I get you a drink?” he asked…




~ by ski holidays on May 26, 2008.

3 Responses to “I had a dream…”

  1. I bet you your husband looks like Leonardo! Maybe a bit more manly. Or maybe Leonardo looks like your husband…

  2. I have to correct angryafrican. You see I know your husband, and I have often thought that you could have done so much better. What attracted you to such a ugly (sorry there is no other word) man. I mean he has a cauliflower ear and really nothing to look at. He has no brain, can not have a decent conversation, and just plain braindead. Actually more like having another kid in the house. I pity you, because you are a fantastic person and deserve the best. Lets work on him together (have his ear fixed) and send him to school (or let your daughter teach him) and maybe there is hope. A bit of plastic surgery won’t kill him. I am sure we can make something of him.

  3. @ AA – in my eyes he looks like the best of all them combined.
    @ Marlize – at least I don’t have to share him with anyone then but he isn’t bad to look at at all – as long as you look at him from the right side and not the left! 😉

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