Let them have cake…

…or not…or give it to them undercooked…yes…undercooked because that would seal a miserable day!

Okay so a week or more has passed since my horrific brunch experience and I am still bitter…can you tell? In retrospect I should have written this piece a lot earlier when I was angrier but with Hubby being in China, entertaining girls during the summer vac, deciding to change my entire house around, I have not had much time to write…happy though, the playroom has been moved to the basement room and I now have a study with a window!

So we went to the establishment at 10:30 – that was the actual time we sat down. We ordered by 10:40 because I knew that the big rush would start around 11:30 and I wanted us to be practically done by then. We got our juices and waited patiently for our delicious brunch. And that we did – waited and waited and waited. While Hubby and I entertained the girls (who were very well behaved) six other tables sat down around us and ordered too. It was 11:25 when I started getting a little annoyed that breakfast had not even shown signs of arriving. How long does it take to make four breakfasts? The six later tables were already eating by 11:35 when I called the waitress over. She look flustered and disappeared with promises of finding our food and serving us pronto…ah…promises…such empty promises…

The manager – looking like a rabbit caught in head lights – made his way to our table…

“Sorry for the long wait…you have been very patient…your food is in the window, I will bring you more bread…” and with that she shuffled off to the window, I so wrongly presumed…But the question is…where was the window – down at the Cape? He never returned with the promised bread or the food.

By 11:45 I was standing behind my chair desperately trying to attract the attention of anyone who looked like they worked at this factory…but no one would make eye contact with me, not even the busboy who cleared the table next to us with his back turned to us, just in case I caught his eye.

And then the trumpets sounded and the manager walked out holding three plates of food…yippeee it must be ours. He avoided eye contact and walked straight past me to another later table and served them. I stared him down until the piercing firey daggers emanating from my eyes gave him no other choice by to turn around. I mouthed NOW! because by now I had completely lost my patience with him, the chefs/cooks (I still would say chefs until the food actually did come), the waitress and anyone else who had their emblem emblazoned on their work shirts.

After a wide detour Head Light Rabbit made his way to our table. He came with food. A good offering to the Goddess of Lets Start Throwing Some Plates Around. The children were relieved and hungry. We tucked in. However, looking down at my plate I saw fried eggs and not poached as I had ordered. But it was now about principal. If you are going to make me wait ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES for my breakfast, you damn well get the order right. My plate disappeared into the black hole of the kitchen, maybe forever. Ten minutes later it reappeared. I tucked into the poached eggs. I raised the fork to my mouth and took a bite – the eggs were cold and were RAW! I spat them out into the bowl behind the napkin – very dignified in an undignified situation. I looked up at my eldest daughter who had turned green.

“I ate some eggs and my stomach turned Mom, the eggs are raw.”

I took her to the bathroom in case she wanted to throw up. Heaven knows, I felt like doing that. I came back to the table and announced to Hubby, on Father’s Day, that brunch was officially over – it was now 12:45, I had not eaten anything and I think I would have had better service and food at a roadside shack. Hubby took the two kids to the car, while I marched off to the cowering Rabbit standing hiding behind the pillar at the cash register. Rabbit said that they had not expected the rush.

“Rush?” I asked astonished. “Are you kidding me, it is Father’s Day, and from where I am standing I count let’s see, one, two, three……fifteen empty tables? How many can you seat in this place?”

“Two hundred…” he said slowly.

“Then you should be able to feed and serve two hundred.”

I was keen to get my kids home and try to salvage what was left of the day. Rabbit deducted the two big breakfasts, I paid and left. At home, I was furious for myself when I looked at the bill again. I had paid for two breakfasts which were not eaten, one of those I paid for contained raw eggs too. I paid for coffees I had ordered for after brunch which were not even served yet. I logged onto the company website and wrote my complaint – dignified but furious at the disastrous day.

Four days passed and no word. I looked up some consumer complaints websites. Friday night, at 6pm my phone rang. Another manager from said restaurant. Apologies and acceptance of dropping the ball on their part were abundant. I was pleased. But no refund of my $55-00 for a non-existent breakfast. But instead a gift card in the mail. Not sure I will be eating there again but they are known for their cheesecake and I might just spend the card on that.

So, yes, I am having cake…hopefully it is not underbaked…


~ by ski holidays on June 25, 2008.

9 Responses to “Let them have cake…”

  1. Not funny! But funny. Look on the bright side, the family was together and no one had food poisoning.


  2. Thanks – we all know that it will be a Father’s Day not easily forgotten by us…or maybe Rabbit too for that matter…

  3. Totally understand your feelings about this.

  4. JEEPERS!!! They are lucky to have their lives sheesh

  5. […] was about sharing, or rather making moi not feel so alone in my insanity.   Abroad had a major problem with a restaurant, far worse than mine. How she controlled herself I really don’t know, I literally […]

  6. Haha! Excellent. At least I had the chance to go for a ride on my new bike I got for Father’s Day! Hungry, but a good ride in any case.

  7. Marc – how I kept calm was astounding to me! Thanks for the visit.

    @ SanityFound – you and I seem to think alike. Most people calm down after leaving the situation. I was seething about three hours later…lucky for them I was in my own kitchen making dinner! Thanks for the ping…

    @AA – and what a pretty bike it is…however, valuable lesson, never bike ride on a full stomach, maybe they were doing you a favor!

  8. You should have gotten your money back. I hope you didn’t leave a tip. It sounds like “Dad” wasn’t too upset. But you are left with a bad memory, which is unfortunate, especially when time goes by so quickly. I’d love to know the name of this establishment, but I think I might just know – “cheesecake” was a good clue. And I hope the gift certificate was enough for a whole cheesecake. The “key lime” pie is to die for.

  9. Yes, your guess about the name was right…the gift card will cover a cheesecake which I think we might consume this weekend. However, it will take much to go back there…fingers kind of burnt and all that. In all honesty, hubby really probably prefers brunch at home so that will be the establishment of choice for the future then! Have a good 4th July!

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