I am hitting the ground running…

Forgive me Father reader for I have sinned lapsed. It has been three weeks since my last confession blog entry…

It has been hectic these last three weeks. We went away to Pennsylvania for a weeks vacation and the week prior to leaving was busy. We had swimming lessons, sorting out the basement, getting the cats sorted and getting all our stuff ready for our road trip. We left the Sunday morning two hours behind our schedule but we did not care – we were on holiday! That is the first great thing about a road trip – we had no deadlines – no having to be at the airport at a certain time, no rushing along making tensions rise and making the trip unpleasant for all and sundry. The girls were excited and although the trip was going to be long…they did not care in the slightest – we were going on holiday!

In order to make the trip easier for all of us, we borrowed the portable DVD player from Harriet and it was a wonderful rescue. We only needed it about four hours into our trip when the young one was finding number plate spotting a little boring. We knew she had stuck it out as long as she could, when she said, “I am trying Mom but it is difficult if you can’t read!” So she chose a movie and settled back into her booster seat for the remaining bit of her trip. The eldest daughter was clearly thrilled with getting 28 different states in the trip down to Pennsylvania.

We stayed in a small town called Riegelsville – an small it was. There is one traffic light, one general store, a hotel, and antique dealer and a post office. We had no TV, no phones and strictly speaking no Internet. Actually I became a bit of cyber squatter – someone in the area had a wireless Internet connection and at about 10pm every night, I would log on, download my photos, email my family and log off. So no time to blog and besides, I was on holiday and so was my brain.

We spent a wonderful five days in Bucks County. We explored small towns, ate out at lunch and dinner times, we played games, the kids played in the garden – we laughed, never cried and laughed some more. I saw the happiness in my children’s eyes that we so often miss in the hectic running of our daily lives. Our lives are so hectic that we forget to sit back and listen for the laughter. Even being on summer break at home, we have schedules – orthodontist appointments, swimming lessons, camp, doctor appointments, grocery shopping, waking up at a specific time – the kids laughed and played and for five wonderful days were free of time limits and boundaries and they loved every minute of it. Now, don’t get me wrong, loose routines are things I firmly believe in so that we can have control over our lives but just for one week, it was just spectacular not to set an alarm clock, not to have to worry about being some where on time. We were in control.

So we visited Easton, Frenchtown, Milford, Lambertville, New Hope and of course, Philadelphia! We saw Independence Hall (impressive for us foreigners!), the Liberty Bell, took a horse and coach ride through the streets and, my personal favorite, the Museum of Art. Not just for the Art – I had a more important mission in mind. I WENT UP THE ROCKY STEPS! I watched Rocky I in 1979 when it finally hit the shores of South Africa and watched every Rocky movie since. But that scene in the first one when he runs up those stairs is just one of those iconic moments in movie history. At the bottom of the steps, there is the bronze statue from the movie – erected in all honor as though Rocky Balboa was indeed a real person – a real son of Philly. Now tell me, in your travels, how many bronze statues are up in cities and towns of a fictional character in a movie – would be interesting to know that!

I turned 38 in Pennsylvania and being there with my family was the best present I ever could have asked for. My husband and my children were bugging me about getting me a present and right up until the day, I kept on saying “I have got everything I ever wanted…right here in this week.” To me, it was one of the best weeks of my life ever…

Our road trip home was eventful because we took the scenic route. It added about six hours onto our travel time but the girls were having a blast in the back of the car. We got home at 8pm, ate some dinner and got into bed – so sad for being back in the hustle and bustle of our lives but happy for the rejuvenation that we all experienced – Hubby and both the kiddies – even the four year old!

But on my trip, I learned that cancer had returned to a dear friend of mine and this time it is a bit worse than it was before. My family were lying sound asleep upstairs and I sat watching the sun rising over the fields and thanked God about lucky I was. I had just finished reading the Last Lecture and I think the knowledge I gained from the book and the experience of the week away, has really given me a different perspective. My heart was broken when I heard on Saturday morning that Randy Pausch had died – someone who had touched the lives of so many he did not know, and I cried for someone I had never met.

So we had two quiet days at home and today we hit the ground running again…and tomorrow we will again be caught up in all we have to do but somehow it feels a little different and everything just seems a little less urgent…


~ by ski holidays on July 28, 2008.

6 Responses to “I am hitting the ground running…”

  1. Sounds like you had fun. It sounds like you all had fun. Did they get the your fingernails marks off the walls as they pulled you away?

    Remember those days when the days at home gets too long.

  2. It was a wonderful week and it will take a long time to recover from the withdrawal!

  3. First things first Hippy Happy Biffffday Veels geluk … I can’t spell in afrikaans to save my life so I will save you! I am so grinning for the fact that I am the first funny coloured flag on your flag counter (If I am not please don’t tell me). *hugs to you* for your friend, it is the worst news I too have had that sadness. Be well!

  4. @ SanityFound – thanks for the wishes and the hugs. My friend has fought this before and is one of the most amazing people in the world!

  5. Yes, it always seems to happen to those with character, personality and heart… tis why I plan on being bad ass as can be!

  6. Seriously good point there SF…seriously good point worth pondering!

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