Bucket List Revisited…

  Now that is the kind of bucket I am talking about!

I turned 38 last week. Thirty-eight! I have since had a chance to reflect on my somewhat superficial and partly unattainable bucket list published earlier. Let me revise and summarise:

1. Drink champagne in Luxembourg.  Can actually check this off. Although I want to do it again (and planning to spend my 40th birthday in Luxies), I have done so twice already.

2. Go on another African safari. Basically the same as number 1. Have done it before, want to do it again (with a bit more luxury) but can check it off.

3. Learn to ski in Bamff. Seeing as I now have not one but two bum knees, apparently I have to shelve learning to ski or snowboard. But I still want to go to Bamff.

4. Have a (bit) part in the stage production of Grease. Who the hell am I trying to kid or impress here. I can’t sing to save a canary and can barely dance anymore (at one stage I could, you know!) so let us just scrap this completely…

5. See all my friends and family from around the world in one place at one time for a big party! This one is not completely do-able. I can see my friends and family and have a party but not all at once. So I will amend this to friends/family for the party, preferably both groups but different times and different parties will be fine.

6. Live in Tuscany. Ah, a dream for sure and one that I will just have to keep dreaming…if it never comes true…the idea of living in Tuscany will be enough to keep me going…

7. Balance my check book! AH HA! Check that off big time. Did it not once but twice so the first time was not a fluke!

8. Learn to surf (I know, I will have to overcome my fear of the ocean and sharks first!) Okay pal, forget that – with the news around of shark attacks and that video footage of the surfer desperately paddling away from a shark, this item on the bucket list is a gonner!

9. Learn to cook authentic Italian food. I have learned to cook about four dishes so on my way there – consider it checked…

10. Have a dinner party at home with John Travolta, Rubi Wax, Graham Norton, Bill and Hillary and John McEnroe as my guests (of course I would either cook my authentic Italian food or get a caterer!). Hey, no one can say I am not a dreamer – dreams are good you know – it is like a movie in your head…but lets face it…ain’t never going to happen!

11. Leave a legacy for my children… working on this one but it is top secret and I will not divulge anything yet…check back in three years or maybe thirty!

So I still have to think if I am going to add anything more and will write a completely revised list but frankly I am not in the mood for a bucket list but I have another list I think I want to write… it is my F%$#@* List (rhymes with bucket you idiot!). So here goes!

My F*&^#$ List:

1. I am not going to iron anymore unless it is something someone wants to wear now and it comes off the hanger or shelf creased! Life is too short to spend it behind an iron!

2. I will no longer give two hoots about the fact that my boobs now seem to be quite at home around my waistline! Bras are there for a reason and that is to uplift me every day. Hubby loves me and as long as he does not mind it will not matter (but you won’t catch me going to any topless beaches!).

3. No longer will I be concerned about doing housework on a weekend…that is my day job during the week and I will not take my work home with me on weekends!

4. I will go to my ballet class once a week and dance with the fifteen and sixteen year olds in the class and not worry what they think of the old duck at the barre with them. What I have forgotten they have yet to learn and while I can no longer jete across the room or do a triple pirouette, I know that once, twenty years ago, I could do it.

5. Scooping litter is a thing of the past. I have bought an automatic litter scoop and now will sit back and watch the scoop do the poop! The cats are thankful too – it scoops every ten minutes or so!

6. As summer draws to a close, I have only but a few weeks left to get over another obstacle…it is time to walk from the beach chair to the water’s edge proudly to go for swim and not try to cover up until my shoulders are submerged under water – which makes for a tricky task keeping the towel dry! If you don’t like what you see, stop looking!

7. I will not mope about not seeing the last Bon Jovi concert or stress about wanting tickets for another…dancing around in the kitchen on a Saturday morning to “You give love a bad name” in my PJ’s is enough for me!

8. Lastly (for now) another thing about housework…instead of trying to be supermom and supermaid all rolled into one neat little stress ball, I will deligate more…

There you have it…my bucket and f*&^$# list…all rolled into one…oh bollocks…have to iron Hubby’s shirt before work tomorrow!


~ by ski holidays on July 31, 2008.

12 Responses to “Bucket List Revisited…”

  1. Apparently I am not allowed to say certain things… Hum, not sure what to say then. Just glad I didn’t make it to that last list.

  2. If you made a comment about certain other things, my dear Angry African, you might just make it to the second list…

  3. Ahhhh, you take ballet! You’re my hero! I keep meaning to go back to it (I quit 17 years ago), but life always seems to get in the way. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Oh wow…never been called a ‘hero’ before! 🙂 Thank You!
    But you know what – just dance again for all you are worth…remember (and this wisdom does only come with age) you are there to have fun and not prove anything to anyone! When I accepted that, it all changed for me and I am now having a ball…let me know when you take that first step!

  5. Ok I have just laughed for the last half an hour and only now am I calm enough to actually type and make at least a little bit of sense! Phew *breathe* Woman dang you are funny! Love the idea of a bucket and a F*&^#$ List, one definitely needs to have both. You go girl this is so going into the fruit salad!

  6. @ Sanity Found – thanks again for the huge compliment in being included in that wonderful fruit salad of yours! You know I have decided that instead of having a long list of things I need to try to do and getting to so few of them…have the OTHER list is much easier to check off…really it works! Have a wonderful day!

  7. God, I need to make myself a Fu%&$*T list. That is too damn funny. Thank you for the inspiration!!! Much needed laugh for the day!

  8. @ Amber – These lists free us up to do things we really want to do…or really need to do… Thanks for the compliment…good luck with the list and let us know how it is going! 🙂

  9. Totally enjoyed the lists! I remember telling my friend Dorothy I had found a new word that I thought I would use which was Bollocks and she in her native British tongue told me what bollocks are! Still like the word!

  10. @ Connie – Bollocks my dear is a very good word and while living in the UK for four years, heard it used on a frequent basis so feel free…Thanks for the visit!

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