Sugar Daddy And His Girls…

Today was my youngest child’s birthday. She is a whole five years old…FIVE! She is my baby girl…and I can not believe that she is starting kindergarten this Fall. She is such a big girl and yet she is still so small. But the diva in her was well and truly in residence today – not in a bad way. “I am the birthday princess today!” was the most used statement. Those were the first words out of her mouth this morning when she groggily opened her eyes. She said it again with a smile when she walked down the stairs and saw the presents in the living room and the huge helium singing Disney princesses balloon. That is the day she wanted – a day of Disney Princesses. All of them: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Snow White, Jasmine (her favorite) and Ariel. Birthday Princess was just a little upset though that Mulan was not included in the princess lineup. Not my fault that one and probably a topic for a whole other blog.

So Hubby took the day off from work to spend it with the family. Talking of family, our immediate family is thousands of miles away and so we have to go the extra mile to make days like birthdays a little more special – to be honest though, even if the family were living next door, we would still go that extra mile! The girls had their swimming lessons today and Hubby went with to watch. Oh my goodness, the girls swam like dolphins, showing off all their learned aquatic skills to the proud father standing broad chested on the shore of the pond.

Swimming was followed by an unprecedented week day hour or so of Wii. At this stage mom retired to the master boudoir complete with eye mask and ear plugs and rested for a while. We went after my nap to Birthday Princess’s daycare for her party there. She was joined by two former students, my eldest and the Hubby. We had cake and juice and then it happened. I have heard rumors of this happening before but have never witnessed it with my own eyes and today I had that experience. But first, the cake was delicious – vanilla cake decorated to perfection complete with the Disney Princesses dancing around the frosting between the gorgeous edible flowers (Mulan was missing again – do I see a pattern here?)

And then it happened…


Cake Induced Hysteria…


  • running giggling uncontrollably around the tree
  • running laughing playing catch
  • running chuckling during a game of duck duck goose
  • waving gymnastic ribbons in a frenzied run around the lawn

Something interesting though…the symptoms affect all people of different ages. The kids were between the ages of 2 and 11 but there was one grown up who was wildly affected: Hubby…

Maybe he should have practised first! ran with the ribbons…did his best to imitate the Olympic gymnasts who will wow us all in a few days…he grabbed the little flags and “flew” across the yard…that action even made the Blue Jays sit up and take notice…oh the acts he whipped out were many and varied…helicopters (he lifted himself off the ground much to the delight of the children) – I can not even remember all them. All of them induced by cake!

The girls sat down to dinner tonight and we did the usual questioning: what was your favorite part of your day?

Birthday Princess went first: “Opening Presents and daddy coming to watch my swimming!”

Eldest daughter was next: “Birthday Princess waking me up this morning so that she could get to her presents and dad coming to watch my swimming!”

Then Hubby: “Watching the girls swimming and playing outside in the garden with the girls and their friends during the afternoon party…”

And me? My favorite part of the day…it is difficult to decide but probably two bits. One was watching the Princess’s face as she opened her presents from all around the world. And second…Hubby playing in the backyard…Today let me tell you, there was nothing angry in this African!


~ by ski holidays on August 6, 2008.

4 Responses to “Sugar Daddy And His Girls…”

  1. Lol sounds like a fab day was had by all! Happy birthday 5yr old! How on earth do you cope with all those antics I swear I would have a six pack from laughing so hard!!!

  2. @ SanityFound – sometimes my dear, it is just better to role with the punches…I am blessed really and I know it! 🙂

  3. He is one hell of a lucky dad to have you and the girls. And I know he knows it.

  4. @ AA – I think he does know…and we love him dearly…

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