Just A Thought…about talent…

What the HELL is wrong with America’s Got Talent. Last year I stopped watching half way through because the three idiots (and generally I am a fan of them individually) insisted on putting that Boy Shakira through so many rounds, and this year they let the Britney Impersonator (who can’t actually sing and just looks like Britney) through to LA but they eliminate Donald Braswell tonight. I just can not believe it. But I think it is done on purpose so that they create controversy and create viewership. I for one am done and will move my viewership elsewhere. So in closing, lets sum up the talents of the three judges:

Sharon Osborne: um…no performing talent…married to Ozzie and being his manager…oh.

David Hasselhoff: um…no performing talent…discovered Pammy…(to some that would be a talent I suppose) but he can’t sing (except in Germany apparently) and he can’t act (ditto for Germany again!)

Piers Morgan:  um…no performing talent…but an ex-editor of a tabloid…oh, is he thinking of headlines that sell newspapers when he votes people through…that figures…

So what else is on then…


~ by ski holidays on August 8, 2008.

4 Responses to “Just A Thought…about talent…”

  1. I totally agree with you on this one. I keep telling my wife who watches it (she says its like a train wreck, you got to watch), that those three have no business judging.

    I am so tired of these reality shows. I live reality, I don’t need to see it on TV…

  2. @ Mike – sometimes I like watching programs like AGT and So You Think You Can Dance because we get to see talent we would otherwise not see. But really for the second year in a row – they just know that something like this would potentially create viewership. Unless the opera guy gets in on the wild card, I will not even consider watching this again. I hate other reality programs and now I think I dislike them all…you are right…we live enough reality!

  3. I am done. Brittany can’t sing impersonator, 4 year olds, dancing groups that will never be on another Vegas stage, etc., and tell the the two people who actually have talent and can sing to go home. Enjoy, because I am through wasting my time watching America Got Talent, but we just sent them home, and kept a bunch of freaks.

  4. @ Ron – you know while I found the little four year adorable, she had no place going through. How varied can her act be for a 90 minute show? Some of them are clearly freakish my dear. Maybe just as freakish and messed up as the people they are impersonating?

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