The Olympics for Politicians

I am loving the Olympic Games…albeit that I only get to see the action 12 hours after it has happened because of the time difference. I am not sporty person myself…can not run to save my life. But I love watching some of disciplines during the games. The athletes are amazing.

For sixteen days we watch in awe. My daughter asked me, if I could choose to be able to do any sport in the Olympics, what would I choose…oohh, that is difficult but I think swimming. And while pondering that question, I was wondering what sport I would line up for the politicians of today. These are my suggestions:

Vladimir Putin: Rowing – but not as you know it. The other pronounciation – as in argument. He seems to kick off his participation the day of the opening ceremony, not wanting to waste any valuable time getting his medal.

George Bush: Boxing. Not happy with diplomacy, he goes in with a quick left and a right hook and voila, mission accomplished!

Robert Mugabe: Weightlifting. Bob was a little disappointed when arriving at the arena to find out that category was indeed weightLIFTING and not Throwing Your Weight Around which he is so damn good at.

Tony Blair: Football. Provided that he can get Cherie’s foot out of his mouth.

Gordon Brown: Handball. He screws up in football all the time, confusing it with netball and this was his best compromise – just did not know what the job would entail before committing to it.

Jacob Zuma: Wrestling. Heaven only knows when you wrestle the law and even if you are wrong you win, you are in the team!

Thabo Mbeki: Volleyball. Why? Maybe because it rhymes with WALLY.

Barack Obama: Sailing. Despite everything they are throwing at him, he looks as though it is smooth sailing for him.

John Edwards: Archery. Seems the man has been shooting more arrows than previously admitted.

John McCain: Shooting. As a true republican he got his lessons from Dick Cheney. Please don’t shout duck!

Good luck to all the participants above…and Heaven help us all!

Where the politicians will be eating during their Olympics!

Where the politicians will be eating during their Olympics!


~ by ski holidays on August 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “The Olympics for Politicians”

  1. And maybe the guy from North Korea can do the marathon. He’s been in charge for bloody long enough!

  2. @ AA – good one that! Although I feel his competition will tough, there are many out there who are longwinded!

  3. Ok my turn I haven’t been able to stop I swear I am losing the tire around my waist just reading this alone! “shooting more arrows than previously admitted” you are too much!!!

  4. @ SF – thanks doll. but politicians are easy fodder…it is not difficult to laugh at them! :-0

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