He Did What????

So while commenting on Sanity Found‘s blog, the topic of Bon Jovi came up. Then I was asked if I went to see them at Green Point Stadium. I did. In 1995 I bought two tickets for the Hubby and myself to go and see Bon Jovi. We were celebrating our anniversary and thinking that we would go together, I put all my pennies together to take us to a rock concert.

Oooohhhh, yum!

Oooohhhh, yum!

You see “rock concerts” were very few and far between in South Africa in the ’90’s and before then they were practically non-existent. Except for Olivia Newton John at Sun City in 1979. But as far as the venue was in your home town, you would have to settle for Sonia Herold (Sowf Efrika’s lovely singing star!) in the local town hall, I am afraid. [Note to non-SA readers: she was a local star…I am not sure if she is even on Google!]

So the opening of South Africa to the big wide wild world was an amazing thing to witness. You mean there is REAL music out there? Although there had always been radio, television only came into my country in 1976 so the exposure to the influence from abroad was very small…only a few whispered tales told by those who had been fortunate to travel abroad!

I think the first concert I went to was Bryan Adams. Now that was a treat. I dragged a reluctant Hubby along (he is a die hard Springsteen fan and can’t stand “soft” rock!). But half way through the show, Bryan Adams, disappeared off the stage and popped up on this little stage in the middle of the crowd (all of 5000! People were still wary I suppose). He sang the blues, Little Red Rooster was my favorite.

Then Bon Jovi was coming to town…wow…and singing under the shadow of Table Mountain on my anniversary. Nothing could be more perfect. And considering that on my wedding day, Hubby did promise me the world and then some, I figured he would go with me out of his own free will. After all I would go to Springsteen but NOT Cat Stevens – there is a reason here and it is fodder for a whole different blog entry.

About an hour before we were due to leave, the Hub announced that he has a severe headache and tummy ache. He felt nauseous – which I think he confused with nauseated. Considering he never gets a tummy bug, I took him at his word and dished out all the warranted sympathy. All the while trying to get him to feel better but to no avail. He was ill. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. But the choice was clear. Hubby was big enough to look after himself and I was going to see Bon Jovi come hell or high water. On my little lonesome, I got into the car and drove to Green Point.

I met up with friends there and we had a blast. I rocked in the front row to You Give Love A Bad Name and waved my arms around rhythmically to Bed of Roses…all the while admiring Jon’s gorgeous butt hairdo (he had JUST cut it!)…maybe, I thought, it was good that my husband of two years was not there to see his wife fawning over the cool dude in the see through shirt on the stage (remember it was the ’90’s in South Africa, frankly the ’80’s had not completely bugged out yet)!

Butt honey...I will go on my own...

Butt honey…I will go on my own…

Traffic home after the concert was awful and I found myself turning the key in my front door at 4am. Needless to say I transparently called in sick for work the next day but to my surprise my sick husband bounded out of bed, ready to face a day at work. When questioned about this miraculous recovery, he simply stated it must have been a twenty four hour bug. Ah, 24 hours hey…but it has only been 12 hours! Do I smell a rat?

About three years after this (and a few more concerts later which he actually did attend with me) Hubby, in a moment of weakness and after being cornered on the subject, ADMITTED that he had faked the whole episode to get out of going to see Bon Jovi.

“I will get you back…some time…some how…” seethed the promise from my lips.

And so…the wheel turns and sooner or later you get your opportunity for revenge. You just need to spot it and grab it. In 2003 Springsteen was playing in London. Hubby begged me to go with him. The concert was still eight months away and he was buying tickets and planning the trip. He did not want to attend alone, he said. “Things are more fun when I share them with you.” Really?  That thought did not cross my mind.

He bought the tickets, he planned the trip down to the last detail. But I am a considerate person. Did I wait until one hour before the concert to tell him that I would not be attending? Would I fake a sickness to get out of my commitment? No not me…Seven months before the big event, I announced my reason for skipping it due to my own big event. And mine was not fake either. I was pregnant and the idea of being almost full term rocking it out at a Springsteen concert was indeed nauseating to me so I gave it a miss.

Who is nauseous now...

Who is nauseous now…


~ by ski holidays on August 12, 2008.

7 Responses to “He Did What????”

  1. What a complete idiot. I would slap him if I was you. Can’t believe he was that inconsiderate.

    (Note to self: Never ever admit to anything…)

  2. @ AA – Note to self(ish) husband – NEVER lie my friend…this broad always gets the truth…;-)

  3. OMG so is the rumour true that you had a drink with Jovi? Well that is the rumour that has been going round town! Ah see a westlife concert I could understand skipping but a Jovi concert? So hubby wasn’t aware of the back up dancers??? Poor man lost out! Good payback, hope he changed the diapers as well!!!

  4. Oh, only in my dreams dahrlink…see previous post…I Had A Dream…and yes…he has changed many many diapers!

  5. I saw Bon Jovi when I was pregnant and KISS and I would have done the same thing as you…as long as it wasn’t Jon he was going to see!

  6. @ My Fractured Self – I could have been dialated 9 centimeters and I am telling you I would NOT have missed Jon Bon Jovi – I am sure that I could bob up and down in my chair with my legs crossed! Thanks for the visit! 🙂

  7. […] OK, dog” That farting furball of a Furkid had stuck his furry gross tongue into my ear.  He Did What???? yes I am NOT lying.  I don’t know if I will ever be able to sleep again.  One thing […]

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