Quit Complaining…

Well, I have put Monday in the recylcing bin and I have raised myself from the floor and dusted myself off…ready to face the rest of the week. A week busy with school starting again for my eldest daughter after twelve weeks of summer vacation. A week busy with my youngest baby starting kindergarten – a day that will bring tears to my eyes, joy to my heart and a previously unknown quiet in my house in the morning…

So while things are chaotic in the run up to the big day, I just sit back and smile at my job because I know I have the best job in the world…

Quit Complaining…it could be worse


~ by ski holidays on August 26, 2008.

4 Responses to “Quit Complaining…”

  1. How do you get to the toilet?

  2. @ AA – you wait until the last minute … scramble out on the shoulders of others just before you get that “oh sh*t feeling”…

  3. LMAO before I read the comments I was thinking the same… just HOW do you get to the loo unless it is like this one!

  4. @ SanityFound – maybe these guys could utilise some of those loo’s you posted today! 🙂

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