Oh please let it not REIN(deer) on us!

Holy crap. John McCain must be the most idiotic man on earth. Clearly his view of women has shone through in his choice for a VP. Choosing an inexperienced woman who is pretty face to woo Hillary voters is in sync with how seriously he views this very important job – he has not chosen someone who is good for the country – he has chosen Sarah Palin because she is “good” for his ticket.

Palin might stand and say that she is going to finish Hillary’s work of cracking the ceiling but what McCain might not realise is that when he falls through from the other side, he will have to start pulling out 18 million shards of glass from his backside…Palin will be McCain’s downfall. And should McCain win this election and drop down dead, Palin will be mean the downfall of this country.

How can he now stand on his soap box and accuse Obama of being inexperienced? Something that Sarah Palin should remember:

There is a huge difference between pushing the button to switch on the Christmas lights in some god forsaken Alaskan town and having your finger over the flashing red button…


[Post Script: Considering that a few weeks ago, Palin did not know what a VP did, maybe she thinks, like McCain that it means “Very Pretty”!]


[Another Post Script: I was involved in a commentary banter with a McCain/Palin supporter on his site who said (loosely quoting here) that it does not really matter that Palin does not know what a VP does, because John Adams did not know (really you spoke to him?) and that many VP’s in the past did not know what their jobs entailed. That might be true but we should maybe focus closer to the oval office and realise that we currently have a president who does not know what his job entails!]

[Yet Another Post Script – considering that John McCain voted against equal payment for women, will Palin get the same salary as Cheney?]


~ by ski holidays on August 30, 2008.

11 Responses to “Oh please let it not REIN(deer) on us!”

  1. So true on many levels. What I cannot understand are the women who are already coming out in support for her. She will do more to damage chances for women then help them certainly! But you know what scares me? That McCain may be smarter than we realize and that this choice actually helps him win. I am going to go and try and wake up now. http://jimmy13.wordpress.com

  2. @ jimmy13 – you know a few weeks ago, she did not even know what a VP did! Really? Maybe she still thinks (and John McCain too) that it stands for Very Pretty!

  3. At least she has a nice butt. Just ask McCain – he was looking at her butt the whole time while she was making her speech. He is not only a loony old man, he is now also a creepy old man.

  4. @ AA – I did see that! He seems to have a thing for beauty queens – his wife, his VP…stand for Very Pretty did you know?

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  6. So what does a VP do?
    Sit on Letterman show and break ashtrays?
    Invent the internets?
    I’d like to think it involves the ability to make sound judgements.
    Every day I am expected to make sound judgements at work.
    So why couldn’t I be vice president?
    Why couldn’t I be president.
    What a stupid argument!

    Experience is a Cop-out.
    You can’t win.
    Either you’re a washington insider who is owned by everyone or you are an outsider who is inexperienced.

  7. @ scienkoptic – The biggest issue I have with her being a VP is that McCain is not the youngest of souls. Ask yourself this, has she really got the ability to sit as Commander in Chief if something happened to McCain? Sound judgements – sure – a huge plus if you have the ability but standing with an assault rifle taking aim at a target is not the image of a leader that I want my children to see…I am not saying by any means that all Republican politicians are useless and all democrats are great – by no means. But if her son does not come home from Iraq – will she see it as “mission accomplished”?, when her daughters question her as to why they can not get equal pay, will she pat them on the shoulder and say that they should see it as fair and just? Will she settle for getting less money than Cheney? Talking of Cheney, if you want to point out idiotic vice presidents, I think you forgot to mention this oil and war monger who while hunting shoots another person…real good VP stuff that is then…!

  8. The litany of gaffes by Joe Biden? Some very racist stuff by any standards.
    The job description of President and Vice President does not specifically involve shooting guns every day. I would suspect that you’ll not see many accidental shootings in either the McCain Whitehouse or the Obama Whitehouse. I’ve seen videos of politicians shucking corn and slopping hogs. I recall watching Dukakis riding around in an Army Tank. What can you infer from these images?

    Joe Biden has a son that served in Iraq. Is there something special about Mrs. Palin? What would Joe Biden have told his daughters about singlehandedly failing to open the glass ceiling?

    What was Joe Biden’s position on the war in Iraq? How did he vote on that measure?

  9. @ scienkoptic – I am SO relieved that I am not voting for Dukakis! And yes, you know you are right, there is NOTHING special about Mrs Palin… 🙂

  10. So you have no problems with the things biden has said? I personally like biden. He’s rather matter-of-fact. He’s said some things that othe people have lost their jobs over. Some radio talk show host got fired because he said “Knappy headed-hoes” on the radio. I’m surprised Biden’s comments haven’t hurt him more. Frankly I think he’s overqualified for the job of Vice President.

    I’ve never stated anything about her specific qualifications. I’ve been discriminated on based on my percieved “experience”. It irritated me and it irritates me to have this as an issue. Bill Clinton was the Governor of Arkansas for a number of years. His experience on “Foreign Affairs” was non-existant. By most accounts he was a good president.

    As an employer, I’ve run across some employees that are diamonds among rubble. You see their potential immediately and you recognize their ambition. I shall hope that Ms. Palin does well. There are a lot of people looking for reasons to dislike her. The world is watching. Either McCain made a brilliant move or a disasterous gamble.
    Time will tell.

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