I have had some moments this week that were truly “Really?” moments. I thought I would share:

  1. Rudy Giuliani in his speech to the republicans – he broadsided Obama being a community organizer…REALLY? This coming from a man who has used the deaths of 1000’s of people on September 11th that affected millions of people world wide to further his own political career…he can’t even say one sentence that does not include a reference to September 11th…scum
  2. Sarah Palin – who also mocked Obama when she said that being a mayor was more than being a community organizer…firstly check who you are running against….Biden (but I think you feel threatened) and I think that the good Obama did as community organizer and the help he gave people counts for more that your earmarking you did as mayor…not to mention your pork barrelling…typical Republicans though: “Lets trash the opposition personally but don’t touch me and I won’t touch on the issues that are important because I have no idea what I will do about the economics and the price of gas and the cost of living…Oh hell, issues, what issues?”  [Note: not once did Painful Palin or Rude Rudy mention that Obama was a civil rights lawyer or a lecturer in Constitutional Law…they did a lot of talking about Obama – so much protest, scared of something? They concentrate on his job as organizer RIGHT OUT OF COLLEGE in 1985. When Sarah Palin left uni, she became a Sports Reporter….]
  3. The Republicans – declaring bias against Sarah Palin in the media – REALLY? This is after you thrashed Hillary Clinton because she is a woman? What a bunch of bigots. Obama and Biden have declared that the pregnant daughter should be left alone by the media, I agree. I am sure that as far as it serves the Republicans and their desperate attempts at trying to get Hillary’s 18 million voters, they will agree too. But then why parade her and her “fiance” on the stage for the world to see…Palin is the one putting them out there…And have you seen his myspace page? Apparently he doesn’t want kids…ah…REALLY? The Republicans are not fond of free speech it seems…don’t bother going to look for Levi’s site, it is either been removed or you have to be invited to see it. There was a wordpress blog about it too, but don’t bother looking at that…it has been suspended because it apparently violated wordpress rules…ah, the long arm of the campaign….
  4. The little girl, Caylee Anthony, that has been missing since June. They found traces of chloroform in the mom’s car and searches around chloroform on the mom’s laptop…Then on Nancy Grace last night, an “expert” said, “There is an innocent explanation for the chloroform…” but failed to give it, despite being pushed to do so by Grace (we all know she is persistent)…Innocent explanation….Really?
  5. This last weekend and into the beginning of the week I followed Hurricane Gustav with intense interest. When Katrina struck I was the in the UK and this time around I was here but I live far far away from New Orleans…I thought, from what I saw, the effort to evacuate people went very very well and although the storm was not as strong as predicted, there was much damage and lets face it, mother nature is unpredictable and it could have turned worse very quickly. So evacuees are heading back to their city and some are now saying the state and the federal governments overreacted…REALLY? Can’t win with some people….
  6. Today I took my little one to school. We were outside the school and the yellow bus stopped to let the kids out. A very impatient driver stopped behind the bus which had its lights flashing, the little stop sign was out but he was having none of it and scooted around the car and raced away despite the crossing guard standing on the crossing…REALLY? The police officer who was supposedly meant to be there to keep an eye out, was reading in his car…come on….

Tomorrow is Friday….thank goodness, the Republican convention will be over tonight…so things are looking up…


~ by ski holidays on September 4, 2008.

25 Responses to “Really?”

  1. Really? I thought this was a site to discuss the Caylee Anthony case, not our political views. I think you need to find a liberal forum to blog on and don’t try to confuse your politics with a little girl missing. This case doesn’t differentiate between Repulicans and Democrats, it’s about the AMERICAN public’s concern for a child.

  2. @ Debra – firstly, I never said this site was solely about Caylee Anthony. Neither did I say her disappearance had ANTHING to do with politics, of course it has everything to do with welfare of the missing child. I am not the one who is confused. And since when was wordpress an inappropriate forum for liberal views or any other views for that matter. You are the one who confused my pet peeves for the week.

  3. Really? I agree with Debra! This is about Caylee not politics..duh!!!!

  4. @ Lisa – I AGREE that Caylee has nothing to do with politics. I listed the pet peeves I have had over the last few days…with your and Debra’s logic, then I should be blaming the politicians for the idiotic car driver this morning at the bus stop! How do I need to spell it out for you – these are SEPARATE issues I have had this week. Show me exactly where I wrote that Caylee Anthony’s disappearance had anything to do with politics or that this site was dedicated to the Caylee Anthony disappearance…duh!!!

  5. Well don’t write them here we want to read about Caylee not your personal problems or issues…we all have our own and come here
    to escape and hope and pray they find Caylee alive or dead.
    Stick to the Caylee story is all we are saying.

  6. LISA – THIS IS MY BLOG WHERE I CAN WRITE ABOUT ISSUES THAT I WANT…If this was your blog, you can call the shots. If you don’t want to read my personal stories – get off my site! why not go and look at the other entries. I might have been wrongly linked AND NOT BY ME to another site where you are finding my entries but this site is my registered site. please let me knwo where you found me and I will correct it. the last thing I want you to think is that I am invading other sites with my political views and personal issues.

  7. Using a TAG does not mean you only write about that subject….

  8. I think Lisa and Debra might be working for Palin… diverting from the issues. An old Republican trick.

  9. 🙂

  10. anry african and broad are afraid of Sara Palin……and they should be, hehehehehe

  11. @ Debra – I am not going to get into a slinging match with you. but let me say this: it would be great if you admit that you tackled me on an issue when you were at fault (i.e. the incorrect allegation that I brought politics into the disappearance of a child) and that I should not write what I wish on MY OWN SITE. And of course you are right, I am afraid of Palin and McCain, and so should you be…I am afraid of how much further they will run this country into the ground, despite Bush getting that almost completely right on his own…
    :-p.s. I thought you did not want to bring politics into it?

  12. Booorrring……………

  13. LOL

  14. Lisa and Debra wouldn’t know an original thought if they tripped over it on the way to buy a copy of the Enquirer at the super market checkout!!

  15. @ Harriet – I could not have said it better! 🙂

  16. Oh boy how come I missed out on so much! Lol oh boy does anyone know if these rogues have blogs? or they just airless ranters? I’m with AA and Harriett, I couldn’t have said it better. Abroad hats off that was an EXCELLENT INCREDIBLE BRILLIANT post!

  17. @ SF – thanks. actually one of the two (I know which one) kept coming back to the site to check after she made her last comment…no blogs from what I could see. If they do have them, they did not admit it – maybe they are some of those Chicken &^%%$ Republicans that AA spoke about! 🙂

  18. Really? My how things have changed! Since when did personal blogging platforms become an escape for stupid people to tell you what to write and where to write it?

  19. @ Di – it is funny how some people want to desperately control things they do not grasp or understand!

  20. Police doing their job? I drive a lot. I see more cops breaking traffic laws than anyone else. I can guarantee that 90% of cops that pass me on the roadways are talking on their cell phone and exceeding the speed limit.

  21. @scienkoptic – totally believe it. I have seen a few of them breaking the law too around here in our neck of the woods. P’s me right off…

  22. Also irritated that so many little white children go missing and it’s a media frenzy. If the child is any other color, ehhh, who cares?

    Why is so much energy wasted on reporting this crap?

    A few years ago, a teenage boy was murdered in the bathroom of a school down the street from my house. For 12 hours after the event, there were four helicopters hovering over my house continuously. It was a tragic event. The Murderer is on trial right now and the news media still clogs up the neighborhood with their remote trucks. Engines running, generators running. Hours on end. Why?
    Sensationalism brings ratings. Ratings brings money to News Corporations.

  23. I might add that the murder happened in a bathroom inside the school. No helicopter camera can see into the bathroom. I don’t understand the relevance of having hundreds if not thousands of gallons of fuel wasted to get overhead shots of the school where this happened. There is nothing to see. But I had four helicopters hovering over my house till well after the 11PM news.

  24. @ scienkoptic – this is precisely why I avoid the local news. I prefer watching BBC world news. Yesterday we had a local shooting (murder/suicide) in a love triangle issue and there too, helicopters hovering getting the “breaking” story. it dominated…so I changed channels…really thisis someone’s private life…not in the public interest because the gunman was dead. The victim is someone’s friend, son, brother, maybe father. The shooter is someone’s friend, son, brother, maybe father. How devastating for them and yet the news is invading their privacy…

  25. I like BBC. I watch most mornings on PBS. Very different perspective than US news. I try not to watch any television, but my current family arrangements make it difficult to entertain myself continuously without some brain melting.

    The Brits and many Euro countries make US reporting look like childs play though.

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