I missed my Friday Funnies on Friday … the election is dragging me down. But thanks to an email received this morning, I had my chuckle today…a Monday, which is probably the day I need it most…



~ by ski holidays on September 15, 2008.

6 Responses to “Paradise…”

  1. Hey! I finally found your blog. I guess I could’ve looked through AngryAfrican’s links, but that would be cheating. Uhm… no… that would be un-laziness, which is not for me.
    So anyway. Now, when you happened to comment him right after I did and you showed up on my “my comments” wordpress page, I’ve got you. You’re stuck on my RSS now. Muahaha!

    *Looking around* well this is familiar! You’re using the same theme as MY wife!

  2. @thatdudeyouknow – WELCOME…so happy that comments brought you this side! this one though is vastly different from Angry African…not so much insight…just more “bitching”
    what is your wife’s site and I will virtually pop around and pay a visit to both!

  3. A lot of us seem to find each other thanks to AA (noooo not alcoholics anonymous!)

    Where abouts in the US are you guys?

  4. My wife is
    She used to read AA’s blog, but stopped. It was too much politics and too long posts she said. (sscchh! don’t tell him!) I tell her to read it when I see he wrote something I think she would want to read. Like that last one about how much he loves you. It was like “Uhm… honey… read AA’s latest blog… and uhm… pretend it’s me writing it about you”

  5. ROFL Loved that video Needed it on this fine Tuesday! Sorry been so quiet – hectic

  6. Excuse me! is there a party here without me knowing?

    (I think Adam is hot)

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