Say it as it is…

One thing Sarah Palin might have forgotten:

You can put lipstick on a pitbull but it still stays a bitch…


~ by ski holidays on October 7, 2008.

13 Responses to “Say it as it is…”

  1. lol where do you come up with this stuff?? Rofl!!!

  2. @ Amber – thanks for all the other comments! You know, some people out there just set themselves up for this. 🙂

  3. ROFL dang you’re good!

  4. @ SF – I know that it takes one to know one, but at least I am then qualified to call it as it is….this woman is the biggest threat to the USA since the British decided to fight them in their quest for independence…

  5. But hey, she’s got sporty spectacles. Ever tried to put glasses on a dog? Pretty hard. I know!

  6. @ scienkoptic – ah yes, you have a point. but do you know the difference between sarah palin and a pitbull? the glasses! 🙂
    actually I should stop there. it is no secret that I do not like the woman at all (or her condescending running mate) and I want to maintain some dignity instead of really climbing into her!

  7. Stop it! It’s not fair! I love pitbulls!

  8. @ AB – I take back everything in her defense previously. It was tainted by my own personal experiences as a young buck.

    @AA – yeah, but do you like Maverick Pitbulls?

    Years ago I would have preferred McCain over dusH, Eight years ago. I’m watching PBS news right now (the sky seems to really be falling) and I wonder how things would be different if Gore has won.

    There’s no point in looking back. I’m going to try to look forward.

    Make sure you have the defibrillator ready tonight.

  9. @ AA – I know you love pitbulls my dear, but do you love bitches?
    @ scienkoptic – you are right again, there is no point in looking back – let us just hope that come November we won’t be saying ‘what if?’. there is no defense for Palin or McCain really and this new “guilt by association” thing is fine as long as they are willing to take as good as they give…I am not sure I want to watch the debate. Not because I am scared of what Obama does, but rather, my common sense tells me that McCain is going to be his rude condescending self and my mother brought me up too well to tolerate such rudeness…

  10. aw that is a cute pit

  11. i love your pitbull it looks exactly like mine

  12. I found this post because I was looking for some good internet pictures of well developed pitbulls. I realize this blog post was made back in 2008. However, the lack of intelligence in this post and democratic ignorance baffled me.

    You can put lipstick on a pitbull but it still stays a bitch?

    Article A:)


    1. a female dog.
    2. a female of canines generally.
    3. Slang.
    a. a malicious, unpleasant, selfish person, esp. a woman.
    b. a lewd woman.

    4. Slang.
    a. a complaint.
    b. anything difficult or unpleasant: The test was a bitch.
    c. anything memorable, esp. something exceptionally good: That last big party he threw was a real bitch.

    -And she warned Democrats that she was definitely much more than a pretty face, quipping: “You know, they say the difference between a hockey mum and a pit bull? Lipstick.”

    Used in the context of your term, you are obviously speaking Ebonics because the slang terms for the word you chose are not proper English. Seriously, democrats are all the same.

    “Piss off a republican, tell him a lie. Piss off a liberal or democrat, tell him the truth.”

  13. Pretty sure that image of the pitbull is going to give me nightmares.

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