Dear John…

Dear John

You keep on calling us your friends…we are not friends…never was, not now and never will be.

America does not need a friend, it needs a president. And you my friend, are NOT a president.


~ by ski holidays on October 8, 2008.

10 Responses to “Dear John…”

  1. Just read a great book called “The Race”. It’s fiction and loosely based on the Republican party. The author (Richard North Patterson) actually interviewed McCain. Makes for fascinating reading! Gives you some insight into American politics.

    The ‘hero’ in the story is a war hero who is heading for the presidency…

  2. I will not blog about politics. I will not blog about politics. I will not blog about politics. I will not blog about politics.

    BUT… McCain is a DOOS.

    Remember the last time they voted in a friend that was the type of guy they want over as a beer? Bush… And he wasn’t my friend either.

  3. DelBoy – Thank God that is fiction!

  4. @ Delboy – thank goodness it is fiction…just finished watching the debate and McCain was and still remains a condescending and rude person, who would rather sling mud than actually state how he can help…

  5. @ AA – McCain is the beer gut of Bush!

  6. ROFL…@Delboy… Americans wont get that one… ROFL. I’m dyin’ here! Stop it already!

    And you know… “Only fools and horses” is so appropriate as a name for this farce we call an election!

  7. Good, you have the same political views as AA. Judging by his rantings on his blog about politics you would be in a lot of problems if you disagreed over that.

  8. @ thatdudeyouknow – we agree on politics although we disagree on other things which makes for healthy debate in our house around the dinner table. we did not agree in the primaries but we are truly bi-partisan!
    @ amber – Only Fools and Horses, maybe we should rather call it Only Fools and Asses!

  9. A Broad – ok… we need to coin that one…. that one it too damn good! Only Fools and Asses. The perfect description of our political process.

  10. He looks a bit like Mr Bean am sure of it but then I go with what a friend said – he is Goldmember incarnate!

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