I’m Sorry, I Can’t Take Your Call Right Now…

One thing my mama always said was, “What Goes Around Comes Around.” And my whole life I knew it was true. But in addition to that, I would do well to remember that teasing my husband early in the morning, will, somehow, come back to bite me on the backside.

Okay, so Friday started on a mixed note. The stockmarket tanked…again…and Hubby had woken up on the fumbling idiot side of the bed – not exactly european ski holidays.  My eldest and I were laughing and teasing him in the kitchen all morning before work and school. He was laughing along but as far as he went he was bumbling…actually, nothing out the ordinary…sorry babe, my mama taught me not to lie!

Everything was running smoothly and according to the ski holiday schedule. Walked the little one off to kindergarten in the glorious Fall sunshine. As we head out the door I look at my hands: phone – check, keys – check.

After dropping off the little one, and walking home, I desperately needed to pee. Yes, I said it, I needed to pee. So rushing into the house, I dropped the keys on the kitchen table and rushed into the loo. Don’t panic, I will spare you the details.

Now this is the only gruesome detail you will hear. When I finished I got up and flushed and then pulled my jeans. As I pulled up on the jeans, I felt the phone in my pocket move. It moved alright, it popped right out of my pocket and fell into the already flushing loo! I stood for a few seconds (which felt like minutes) watching the water swish around the bowl amazed. Then whatever logic I possess (and I am guessing that you are thinking I lack in that department) came back and I thought that once the flushing was done, I will don my yellow marigold gloves and remove the item from the bowl. So I zipped up my jeans, washed my hands ready to retrieve the item. As I soaped up and rinsed and I heard a thud and I froze. It was obvious then that the communication device had managed to negotiate its way over the S-bend and made it down the pipe. Oh crap.

Now considering that this phone has survived being accidently dropped from the top of the stairs, being stood on and falling out the car, I figured it might survive a few minutes in water so I grabbed the house phone and ran into the basement. Locating the toilet pipes I dialed my cell number. I could hear the cell ringing on the house phone but could not hear it ringing in the pipes. It was gone. My cell phone was now part of the town sewage network. A network not advertised as available when I bought it.

And there I stood in the basement, laughing so loud I would have peed in my pants, had I not just been. I have heard of some bizarre ways of losing a phone, but flushing it down the loo? This was a first. Needless to say the Hub is waiting to write a comment…you know he has been thinking of all these “funny” things to say…

So currently I am cell-less which is fine. I managed to survive 25 years on this earth without owning one, I am sure I can hold out a few more days before I replace it. But my neighbor cornered me yesterday and said that something really strange happened to her. She tried to phone me on my cell and her toilet started to ring…

Yeah, funny….

[Apparently this has happened to others and there are tips if you managed to get the phone back, unlike me of course, who flushed…]


~ by ski holidays on October 12, 2008.

16 Responses to “I’m Sorry, I Can’t Take Your Call Right Now…”

  1. A few thoughts came to mind…
    1. I think your network is full of sh*t.
    2. Is that a new service provider – P-Mobile?
    3. I told you that you only talk crap on the phone.
    4. Please don’t leave a ring…
    5. Were you on a dirty call?

  2. Oh AA, put a sock in it. You have been throwing these ones at me since Friday when I phoned you (on the home phone) to tell you of my misfortune…but I know you well, you will keep them coming. Payback for “Incinerated Chicken” I suppose. 🙂

  3. […] was just taking the piss… But I promise you it is all true. Go and have a look at her story: I’m Sorry, I Can’t Take Your Call Right Now… Toilet humor at its […]

  4. Talk about potty humor! lol Oh sweetie Im sorry because of the expense of replacing the phone. Otherwise the story is BRILLIANT! That totally sounds like something that would happen to Sanityfound!

    Im shaking my head laughing here…

  5. Maybe the phone thought you had “potty mouth”?

  6. @ Amber – maybe the phone was getting me back for not treating it so well. But I am not worried about it. It was one of those cheap “pay as you go” phones, never used it much except for emergency contact so the loss is not felt that much. I am not sure I would have laughed as much if it had been an i-phone. But then again, an i-phone would not have made it over the s-bend!

  7. Is your speed dail a number 1 or a number 2?

  8. Funny AA, just p*ss off! 😉

  9. This post is just so funny!!
    except for that it’s true..

  10. Oh man Amber is right this is sooo me – did it at work once, not pretty (dropping phone in loo) not good and I never got the phone back either. My boyf at the time gave me so much “lip” about it I just turned round and told him it must’ve been because he talked so much sh*t the phone wanted to go home.

    Thankfully it was not but hmm yers I knows this one well lmao

  11. @ holeycheese – well make no mistake, I laughed about this that the tears were streaming down my cheeks. I am not sure we would have found it funny had it not been true.
    @ SF – so is there a club for things like this?

  12. So sorry for your loss. This is another great example of the fact that examining the contents of the toilet before you flush is an excellent idea. And always flush after your pants are safely back on.

  13. @ thatdudeyouknow – loss, schmoss, I have not missed the phone itself. The lesson is that I should always move far away from the toilet when pulling up my trousers and close the lid before you flush! Ah lessons that we learn even in our older age! 🙂

  14. I did the same thing with my pager. Best thing that ever happened to it.
    Unfortunately it didn’t stop working after all that!

    I’m going to fire it out of the cannon once my life gets in order.(and my cell phones as well!)

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  16. @ scienkoptic – call me when you do that (before you fire the canon!) so that I can send my stuff too! 🙂

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