All in fourteen days…

Last time I wrote on this blog was before our ski holidays and before snoman introduced us to european ski holidays, the candidates were still going hell for leather in their campaigns back when we were still looking forward to our cheap ski holidays. Sarah Palin was still gracing us with her gaffs and supplying SNL with great footage. Obama was holding onto a good lead in the polls and while I was hoping he would keep them, I was so wishing for the whole election thing to be over already. I had had enough…enough of negative ads, and especially enough of Elisabeth Hasselbeck shooting her little republican mouth off at any given opportunity (usually at a GOP rally).

The week before Halloween, the Angel Maker took a turn that devastated me. She is one of the bravest persons I know on God’s earth and her zest for life is a lesson we would all do well in learning. I love her dearly and I want to tell her that just one more time.

I got dental pain. I have a crown that I was told in December 2007 that I need to replace in January and although it was always in the back of mind to do, other things always took preference and I never got around to doing it. So I figured that I had better get this ass into a dentist’s chair. I went to the emergency appointment and after enough Novocaine to deaden the mouth of a small elephant, the dentist said, that he could not understand why I was in so much pain, after all, there was little decay and the tooth was not in that bad a shape. I went home with the new temporary crown and enough vicodin to last me the week. The pain got worse. I went back to the dentist the next afternoon to be told that it was blocked sinus and that my teeth, where I was having the pain, were fine. I was put on antibiotics and more painkillers. Nothing helped and after three nights with no sleep, on Sunday I asked Hubby to take me to the ER. Got it all diagnosed there and then. Trigeminal Neuralgia. A nerve pain like no other. Funny that, both the ER doc and my GP turned and told my husband, “People jump off bridges because the pain is so bad!” Really? I AM SITTING RIGHT HERE IN THE ROOM WITH YOU!

So I am off the painkillers and on anti-seizure meds which takes away the pain but leaves me in a bit of daze for now. Apparently, I might get used to it…or not. But now I am having problems with my speech and trust me when I tell you that that is a first. I have NEVER had a problem getting any words out of this mouth. But all is much better than it was…what I have has a name and there is a plan of action.

Halloween was better than I expected. We went Trick or Treating and the girls had great fun dressing up and getting buckets of candy! If bail outs for Wall Street could be done with candy, I reckon AIG would come a-knocking on our door. On the Saturday we had a small Halloween Party at ours and all our guests dressed up and it was great fun. I had no idea what I wanted to be…Hubby was of course the Angry African. I sat looking at my pics from my MRI and decided that a Cat-Scan would be it. Dressed in my best kitty kat outfit armed with a pic of my brain scan on my back, I entertained.

Hubby was in NY for the week and the girls pulled together to make the week easier for Mom. They did a great job and the military operation in our house ran smoothly. All dinner was eaten, dishes washed and children bathed by 7:30pm. Early beds for all and the week went off without a hitch. My landlord came for a visit which produced a little anxiety because we have a cat (sssshhhh…we actually have three) and we got permission for a dog. What is the difference? I think a cat is easier and cleaner anyway. Miss Fifi Petunia is now the official cat because he saw her and I think he liked her (he took a photo of her to show his kids) but the other two (who were feral when we adopted them as kittens) were no where to be seen. So we have one official cat and the other two are Illegal Kitti-grants. I cleaned and tidied the house before he arrived so that everything looked relatively fine for his visit and so now I have a tidy house.

But with all this happening I took a lesson tonight from my youngest. Life is life and you need to roll with the punches and enjoy the sun. Throughout dinner she laughed, she ate all she could (she critiqued my meatballs with the fine tuning although without the swear words as only Gordon Ramsay could), enjoyed her dessert and proceeded to eat more dinner. All the time laughing and enjoying being with the family – dancing in the kitchen to the 80’s music on the radio. So tonight I will go up to bed to find the same things I have found on my bed every night since I got ill: one of my youngest most prized soft toys, a letter, a drawing, a small pillow for my head, three flowers and a necklace she made me. She puts them down every night to brighten my day and make me sleep better so that tomorrow starts on a good footing…

And it will…Obama is President, Sarah Palin has gone back to Alaska, I no longer take vicodin, Hubby is back from NY and today I baked chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese filling.  Things are looking good…



~ by ski holidays on November 8, 2008.

6 Responses to “All in fourteen days…”

  1. Hum… About that cat outfit… Still got it? I “scanned” it a bit and liked what I saw…

    The girls are never bugged hey? Just laughing and fun.

    Welcome back baby.

  2. Ahh….. the sister of my soul.. chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese filling… I knew I loved you. Sounds like you are raising some good kids despite their faulty DNA from the “other” parent. Wow you do have your work cut out for you. I can’t wait to meet you and the girls.

    Don’t let those asshole doctors keep you on the meds too long. They want to hand out the topimax these days like its vitamins. They want to give it for everything. Its the cure-all for every neurological ailment, yanno.

    Im so glad you are back, feeling better and hanging in there. You had me really worried. Tell the Mr. he’d better take good care of you! 🙂

  3. Did miss you huns but now you have me drooling at the mere mention of cupcakes *focus*

    You know how incredible your family is and how special they are when the going is scary and rough, am glad that you had those three by your side looking after you… I was almost on a plane!

    *hugs to you and yours* I am glad you are feeling better but hope you are 100s soons!

  4. @ AA – it is good to be back and NO, the kitty outfit has been sent down to the basement!
    @ Amber – the kids are great! It makes life easier. The meds, well that is another story! I took myself off the vicodin because the benefits did not outweigh the cons. The other meds need to be changed and I am doing that this week – I AM IN CONTROL HERE! 🙂
    @ SF – hey doll. the cupcakes are the best in the world! and a mighty fine cure too! 🙂

  5. Nice to see you around!
    How sweet of your little girl to do that for you..:-)

    Recipe for the cupcakes?? Sounds delicious!

  6. Hi A Broader View – I found your blog post via a search on Google for Trigeminal Neuralgia. That sounds like a very tramatic moment in the ER when you were diagnosed. At least the doctors were communicating with your hubby about the severity of TN. My friend Ben and I started a patient to patient support group called LivingWithTN ( for people with Trigeminal Neuralgia. Check it out. We started it a month ago and already have 60+ people providing support to each other on it. You can draw support from the folks there. Great little community.

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