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Walmart – I was going to write a whole post about Walmart but they have just said on the news that a person has been shot dead in a K-Mart. This is after the Black Friday disaster last week where two people shot each other to death in a Toys R Us (who the F…k takes a gun into a toy store???????) and an employee was trampled to death by shoppers who burst through the doors at a Long Island Walmart because they could just not wait. WTF is wrong with you people?

While I get it that black Friday is about bargains, what in this world is worth a person’s life? I can not afford a large flat screen TV and although they go on sale at huge discount prices on the Friday after Thanksgiving, I just can’t seem to draw myself out of bed at midnight or 3am to queue at the door of a retailer to buy it. What clothing in this entire world is worth a person’s life. I know that there are those who use the opportunity to buy their kids’ Christmas presents because they can get more for their buck and I know that if you are a struggling student, the chance to get cheap ski deals or a laptop at $200 is worth getting up at 2am. But would you kill for it? The people at Walmart and Toys R Us sure would.

On the lighter side though, watch Walter below. He is good but be warned, PG18. I sure as hell got my sh*t at Walmart when I have been. The closest one in the next town is dirty and very untidy and the door greeter is a bit scary. I have got more than bargain Christmas decorations or DVD’s for the girls. I also got six flea bites in the summer and more recently a tummy bug germ (seeing as I was the ONLY one who went from the family and I was the ONLY one who got ill). There is a reason I don’t take my kids in there.


~ by ski holidays on December 2, 2008.

4 Responses to “Welcome To…”

  1. I hate Wallsmart.
    I’ve never shopped on Black Friday and neither has my wife.
    Heres a relevant video:

  2. @ Scienkoptic – I hate the place too. I have never in the two years been shopping on Black Friday and I never will. Nothing is that importannt. Your video link is EXCELLENT!

  3. Oh come on! You go shopping at WM every week. I like spoiling my woman. Give her some cash from my empty beer bottle collection of last week and let her go and spoil herself at WM. Haha!

  4. When I read this story I was sickened but you gotta love Walter rofl – have you seen Achmeds Jingle bells song yet? Tff

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