Fawlty France

A few years ago, Hubby and I traveled to Luxembourg to visit very good friends of ours. I love Luxembourg and my friends would probably say I am obsessed with the place. I will move there tomorrow. But I am not going to harp on about that…maybe another time.

On our holiday to Luxembourg, our friends decided that on the weekend we would get away with a mini break to France. A little village called Longemer. On a lake, it was winter, there was going to be snow, guaranteed. Coming from Africa at the time, snow was a huge thing for us!

We set off on our wintry adventure, making our friends pullover wherever the snow was deeper than an inch. We loved it…even at our age, we could not get enough of the snowballs.

So we arrive at our destination or so we thought. Our friends (we will call them Nancy and Henry) were in charge of reading the map as neither Hubby nor I are fluent in French. We arrived in Gerardmer and looked around at the beautiful village dusted in snow…We were looking for our hotel, according to Henry it was called Hotel du Lac. Hotel by the lake – simple enough…or so we thought.

More to come later on our european ski resort visits …


~ by ski holidays on December 7, 2008.

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