Happy New Year

I just can not believe that 2008 is a thing of the past and that 2009 is already here. I have been missing in action from my blog for sometime now. It has been a rollercoaster three months or so. And then came Thanksgiving, Christmas skiing and then bam, the New Year ski is a-knocking.  We love snoman and his european ski holidays.

With it being winter now and being indoors a lot, I have had quite a bit of time to think about the year that has come and gone, reflect on a few things and look forward to the next twelve months with a vision of what I want out of the year. I am not making any resolutions like lose twenty pounds by Jan 3rd…no I am making promises…but those are private and I am not even going to share them here…they are for me and me alone.

In this past year, I have made new friends and lost a very very dear friend…The Angel Maker. AA said it best and no words I have can say it better.

So this is not a post. This a promise of a post or maybe two…A new perspective and a new plan of action…

Hello 2009, are you ready for me?


~ by ski holidays on January 3, 2009.

6 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. A Broad, 2009 is sure ready for us, so let us get ready to do our bit.

    Happy New Year!

    2009 may have its moments of surprises, challenges, triumphs, tribulations, highs and lows but through our combined efforts we can leave our marks on it.

    We can all make our small contributions to make this year a better year. Let the cumulative effect works its wonder, we just have to come together.
    So, you contribute by just writing away.


    Have a Great Year! Make a Great Year!

  2. Just as long as you are feeling better honey… thats all I need as a promise. The rest is just blah blah blah!!! 😀

  3. *hugs* for the Angel Maker and glad you are feeling a bit better, may 2009 be all that you dreamed and more!

  4. I’m making a list of SA Expat blogs. I added you. If you wish to be removed, please let me know.

    It is free advertising after all.

  5. Bring it one! 🙂

    I hope your 2009 is awesome.

  6. Thanks for all your comments. All of you. After I wrote this my world fell apart a bit more and life was looking pretty dismal and unsure for a while. But I am back – not all is sorted out yet but we are getting there. Things are still unsure and the future is not yet down in black and white but I now see the challenge as exciting! Things could always be worse…but I choose things to be better!
    Happy 2009 everybody!

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