Easy peasy…

Ten Things That Would Make My Life A Little Easier:

  1. Mojito flavored novacaine – would make my trips to the dentist a bit more fun…
  2. A tumble dryer that folds the laundry when dry and packs it away.
  3. A totally self -cleaning bathroom.
  4. A coffee machine that not only makes the coffee, but brings it upstairs at 6:30am with the New York Times, the Guardian paper and maybe a pastry (not a lot to ask, really…).
  5. Totally free checking that is, in fact, TOTALLY free…
  6. My husband finally getting his US driver’s license, to add to his South African and United Kingdom ones.
  7. Self-brushing cats.
  8. Calorie-free Lindt chocolates.
  9. A Starbucks in my kitchen.
  10. The ability to actually SLEEP (as opposed to pretending) past 6:30am on weekends when even the kids manage to lie in…

Really, as far as a wish list goes, it is not that much to ask, is it?


~ by ski holidays on April 8, 2009.

3 Responses to “Easy peasy…”

  1. You gotta think that self-cleaning bathroom idea is bound to eventually happen. My best to your cats, BTW

  2. Thanks Davis…the self-cleaning bathroom would be a wonderful invention! My cats…ah the life they lead. They are spoilt, loved beyond belief – they have a self-cleaning loo – now that is a good invention!

  3. GREAT list. 😉

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