Aging With Grace

I got an email this morning from my ski holidays friend snoman which got me thinking. Not about ski holidays or european ski holidays, but thinking about old age and growing old. I am in my late thirties; that means I am almost forty. I am the youngest of four children with two older brothers (forty-two and forty-eight) and a sister who turned 50 this year!

I remember turning thirty and while some of friends at that time facing the same birthday, were freaking out at the prospect of getting “old”, the fact did not disturb me too much. Getting to the top of the hill is a journey and when you hit the top (and only YOU decide when you do) it is all downhill from there. Heard that before? I prefer to think of the downhill as free wheeling. All the fun of the ride without the pedaling!

Growing old(er) brings many advantages. Wisdom comes with age. While I am by far not the wisest person I know, I am sure as bob wiser than what I was when I was 21. One important thing I have learnt in my time so far is to stop worrying about everything and just tackle each day with renewed energy!

So here are some light hearted versions of growing old…enjoy!

Have a great day!

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~ by ski holidays on June 16, 2009.

11 Responses to “Aging With Grace”

  1. Haha! Not a walking stick!

  2. @ AA – oh I am sure that is what all men say!

  3. Those were cute!


  4. @ KJayne – thanks for stopping by. They certainly made me smile when I saw them first!

  5. I love the cartoons!

  6. @ Midlife Slices – me too! thanks for visiting…

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  9. ROFLMAO Literally I can’t stop dangit!!! … and agreed re walking sticks!

    Phew *breathe*

    Have a fab weekend to you both!

  10. @ SF – have a great weekend too…thanks!

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