3 Luxury Ski Sites for 2012

Three destinations in France offer the skiing enthusiast a superior
experience, each for a unique set of local conditions and amenities. These are
fabulous luxury ski holidays for you to enjoy so let’s check them out.


Chamonix skiing

chamonix luxury skiing

First and most famous for ski holiday rentals in France is Chamonix, a former Olympic site. Nestled in a valley
of the same name, this resort area is surrounded by several of the highest
peaks in the Alps, most notably Mont Blanc. Over 145 trails, or pistes, are
featured, as are a fair number of off-piste runs; both beginners and seasoned
adventurists will find an easy home here.

Not to be outdone, Chamonix offers a vast array of alternative pastimes.
Snowboarding, mountaineering, glacier hiking, and sledding will also prove to
be well worth exploring in this pristine, high-altitude environment. Take the
cable car to the roof of Europe, before or after winter sport, for a truly
amazing view, and visit the town itself, where an authentic mountain village
provides both rustic charm and contemporary entertainment within walking
distance of your chalet or hotel.

The season for skiing in Chamonix is also among the longest in Europe, due
primarily to its elevation.

La Grave

La Grave ski resort

La Grave luxury ski holidays

Another excellent site is La Grave, for a different set of reasons. This is an
adventurer’s paradise, as almost all skiing is done off-piste, meaning that
there is no ski or avalanche patrol in the area. A guide is essential here, and
none should attempt a run without one. La Grave, more to the south, was settled
in the 12th Century, lending it a truly unforgettable atmosphere for the more
historically-inclined traveller. If untainted adventure is the goal, this is
the village to visit for that once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

Les Deux Alpes

Les Deux Alpes luxury

luxury skiing in Les 2 Alpes

The third place to visit in 2012 is Les Deux Alpes, another in the “Grande
Galaxie” of skiing sites that include La Grave. Les Deux Alpes, found in a
valley above Lac du Champon, combines Alpine extremes in yet another
constellation. There are, fortunately, a few more runs for beginning and
intermediate skiers, and yet also within easy reach is the highest skiable
glacier in France. The actual village is a happy medium between Chamonix and La
Grave, featuring shops, reasonably priced ski hotels, and several
noteworthy night spots.


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