all inclusive ski holidays

Why the recession spelt the death of independent ski travel and the rise of all inclusive ski holidays.

Let’s face it, we all like a bargain, and fewer discounts feel more exciting than cheap ski deals…

… it’s why independent ski holidays were popular until the recession bit, and it’s why the new king of ski deals, the all inclusive ski holiday, is the new favourite among cost conscious skiers and snowboarders.

When times were good and there were many suppliers in the ski industry, it’s fair to say that often the best prices to get all included ski holidays were achieved by hunting down and booking each element of the ski holiday yourself, but here’ s how the recession changed all that:

– many small operators went out of business, reducing choice and competition

– the biggest ski operators bought more small ones and got bigger, increasing their buying and therefore bargaining power

– the average skier and snowboarder became wary of booking with a small ski operator, because they wanted ATOL and/or TTA bonding and protection for their ski holiday money

Enter the now super popular all inclusive ski holidays from the UK’s biggest ATOL protected tour operators.

The key benefits are not lost on skiers and snowboarders booking their holidays in a cash strapped and financially insecure year.

– they include all the major costs of a ski holiday, so you don’t have to worry about buying a lift pass or renting skis in Euros

– they are with the UK’s biggest ski travel companies, so they are ATOL backed and you can book with confidence

BUT, the biggest benefit is actually the price!

Because the big three ski companies now control so much of the market, their bargaining power with the suppliers is greater than ever.  They get the accommodation cheaper, and the flights cheaper, and they arrange their own transfer coaches too.

In short, the economies of scale which the top ski firms can bring to bear is now so huge, that building a ski holiday yourself can’t possibly compete on price with the all inclusive ski holidays of Neilson (owned by Thomas Cook), Inghams (Interhome) and the TUI Ski clones (that’s Crystal Ski, Thomson Ski and First Choice Ski).  These 3 big boys are the reason that we can ski all inclusive for less than every before.

So forget delusions of independence – the best and cheapest ski deals this year, and for the foreseable future, are all inclusive ski holidays.


~ by ski holidays on October 17, 2011.

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