Last Minute Ski Deals

Cheap last minute ski deals are the best way to book a ski bargain but, if you don’t know the secrets of searching for last minute ski holidays, finding a good one can be tricky.

Follow these rules and you’ll be sure to bag the best and cheapest last minute ski deals in the last few weeks before you’re planning to go skiing.

last minute ski deals

last minute ski deals

(A)  To get the best last minute ski holidays, go with sno mates.

The cheapest last minute ski deals are usually for groups of 4 or more.  The most available type of skiing accommodation, in the last week before departure, are the self catering apartments and they tend to be for 4 or more people.  The lowest prices advertised are for “maximum occupancy”. If you put only 2 people in an apartment for 4, it won’t be as cheap because there will be an “under occupancy” cost added.

last minute ski holidays

last minute ski holidays

(B)  Don’t consider waiting for a tiny bit more discount – if you spot it, grab it!

Indecision will scupper even the most ardent search for a last minute ski deal.  Skiers and snowboarders get the best late ski deals when they understand that holding out for another twenty quid off will only lose them the whole holiday.  Seize the day!

late ski deals

late ski deals

(C)  The early bird catches the worm – look for the new last minute ski deals online each morning and phone in to book before everyone else spots them.

Most late ski deals websites upload their new last minute ski holidays each night, so the new ones will be there when you search each morning, but… the very best of each morning’s last minute ski packages get seen by everyone
and start to sell quickly.  Skiers who look and call to book quickly will secure the best bargains.

The very best way to find a last minute ski holiday is probably to phone a company which specialises in late ski deals, but you can do a lot to improve your chances if you go online with these 3 rules each morning.  Find your perfect last minute ski deals first on their websites and then make sure you’re the first savvy skier to phone in when their booking lines open at 9am.


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