Christmas ski chalets

christmas ski chalets

Christmas ski chalets

Traditional chocolate box Christmas ski chalets are my idea of a very cool Yule… and now it’s actually cheaper to go skiing for Christmas than to stay at home and get fat!

As the average Brit spends over £1,000 on their average Xmas at home in the UK, it’s no longer looking expensive to spend the week in the alps in one of the top luxury catered Christmas ski chalets.  So forget spending the week over eating and lounging around watching ancient TV re-runs and get yourself up into the mountains for a thrilling and guaranteed white Xmas in a traditional alpine ski resort.

christmas ski holidays

christmas ski holidays

Christmas ski chalets are a winner on many levels:

1. Your Christmas chalet is fully catered so no one in your family has to either cook, clean or wash up.

2. A Christmas skiing from a luxury catered chalet is a lot cooler than one at home watching endless TV dross.

3. Even a package ski chalet for Xmas week, including flights and transfers, is cheaper than staying at home.

4. You’ll spend your Christmas week getting fit instead of fat, despite eating and drinking far too much.

5. You can take only those whose company you really want for the week, and relatives can’t “drop in”.

xmas ski chalets

xmas ski chalets

All of this is just scratching the surface of why you’re better of skiing at Christmas and I’m sure you can think of many more reasons of your own to add to the list… so what are you waiting for?  Get online and get looking now because the best Christmas ski deals are found by early booking (for peak dates like Xmas ski chalets you really don’t want to risk leaving it to the last minute to book – the best places for Xmas skiing sell out early, so carpe diem).

If you’re looking for a really cool Yule then there’s really only one way to spend the festive season – in a luxury catered Christmas ski chalet with your snow mates!


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