I am an ‘almost middle-aged’ stay at home mom who moved from South Africa to England in 2002 with Hubby and eldest daughter. Had another girl in the UK and in 2006 we all moved from England to the USA. We have a mixed bag of accents in our house (along with three American cats – no they don’t meow with an accent!) and a whole lot of different experiences that make living in our home exciting and really busy.  Oh, and I love taking the family on vacation to ski in Europe with our friend snoman.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. I love the American cats without an accent brilliant! Hello from SA, it is freezing but beautiful as always. Lekker bly!

  2. Thanks doll. Ah, I miss my views of Simonsberg from my living room window but somehow, I don’t miss the burglar bars…Enjoy the cold…we had 40C here yesterday!

  3. Dang dang want to buy merchandise but going to have to wait till I am on my feet. Just watch out then EVERYONE is getting cool t-shirts and mugs!

  4. @ SF – Just window shop…I am going to work on some this weekend…still more stuff and maybe one or two Abroad things. So look now, buy later…much later!

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