Great Skiing For Less Budget 2012

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When the snow falls,  where should you go for the best skiing? You can get an incredible deal in  beautiful surroundings. Slovenia, Bulgaria and Norway offer ski resorts with  amazing snow coverage and cheap ski holidays.  The way to get a great value ski deals at an exciting  resort is to aim for the cheapest time to ski, either the beginning or the end  of the ski season.  Try one of these great places for the perfect snow coverage at terrific ski resorts:

Bankso, Bulgaria

Bansko Bulgaria

family skiing in Bansko

Skiers can count on good now coverage from December through May at the Bansko Ski Resort. The Resort offers excellent accommodations and provides a variety of winter activities. Visitors can participate in snowboarding competitions or take their pick between downhill skiing or cross-country skiing or both. The Balkannt’s Fun Park at the resort allows snowboarders to build their own board jumps. Great ski hotels in Bulgaria for great prices so get booked and see you on the Bulgarian slops.

Balestrand, Norway

Balestrand Norway

Balestrand ski holidays

If you enjoy winter sports and wide open areas, you will love Balestrand. It offers skiing, hiking and more. The natural landscape is part of the allure. It is a short drive from Hoyanger to the Saurdal ski and recreation area.

Bonhinj and Bled, Slovenia Skiing Paradise

ski Bled Bohinj in Slovenia

Bled skiing trips

Bled Ski Resort in Slovenia has opportunities for all skiers. Bled is known for its amazing views which make skiing both an exciting athletic adventure and a breathtakingly beautiful experience. With slopes for beginners and experienced skiers, anyone can enjoy their time at Bled Ski Resort. Within easy driving distance from the airport, Bonhinj is home to a number of resorts and a wide variety of slopes. Even in mild winters, artificial snow machines keep slopes in top skiing form. It is a favorite for quick weekend jaunts and longer ski vacations.

Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora ski resort

blue skies and white trails in Kranjska Gora

Bordering Trisglav National Park, Kranjska Gora offers skiing with views of the Alps and the surrounding forests. It is a popular area with many outdoor activities. With challenging slopes, the Kranjska Gora also hosts the Podkorem, a yearly men’s ski competition. Although you won’t take home the Viltrannc Trophy yourself, doubtless, you’ll feel you won the prize after a ski vacation in Kranjska Gora.

For a ski vacation you will never forget and a value that your budget will appreciate, European cheap ski vactions can be found in Bulgaria, Slovenia and Norway. You can find a great deal and have a skiing adventure in beautiful surroundings.


3 Luxury Ski Sites for 2012

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Three destinations in France offer the skiing enthusiast a superior
experience, each for a unique set of local conditions and amenities. These are
fabulous luxury ski holidays for you to enjoy so let’s check them out.


Chamonix skiing

chamonix luxury skiing

First and most famous for ski holiday rentals in France is Chamonix, a former Olympic site. Nestled in a valley
of the same name, this resort area is surrounded by several of the highest
peaks in the Alps, most notably Mont Blanc. Over 145 trails, or pistes, are
featured, as are a fair number of off-piste runs; both beginners and seasoned
adventurists will find an easy home here.

Not to be outdone, Chamonix offers a vast array of alternative pastimes.
Snowboarding, mountaineering, glacier hiking, and sledding will also prove to
be well worth exploring in this pristine, high-altitude environment. Take the
cable car to the roof of Europe, before or after winter sport, for a truly
amazing view, and visit the town itself, where an authentic mountain village
provides both rustic charm and contemporary entertainment within walking
distance of your chalet or hotel.

The season for skiing in Chamonix is also among the longest in Europe, due
primarily to its elevation.

La Grave

La Grave ski resort

La Grave luxury ski holidays

Another excellent site is La Grave, for a different set of reasons. This is an
adventurer’s paradise, as almost all skiing is done off-piste, meaning that
there is no ski or avalanche patrol in the area. A guide is essential here, and
none should attempt a run without one. La Grave, more to the south, was settled
in the 12th Century, lending it a truly unforgettable atmosphere for the more
historically-inclined traveller. If untainted adventure is the goal, this is
the village to visit for that once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

Les Deux Alpes

Les Deux Alpes luxury

luxury skiing in Les 2 Alpes

The third place to visit in 2012 is Les Deux Alpes, another in the “Grande
Galaxie” of skiing sites that include La Grave. Les Deux Alpes, found in a
valley above Lac du Champon, combines Alpine extremes in yet another
constellation. There are, fortunately, a few more runs for beginning and
intermediate skiers, and yet also within easy reach is the highest skiable
glacier in France. The actual village is a happy medium between Chamonix and La
Grave, featuring shops, reasonably priced ski hotels, and several
noteworthy night spots.

ski holidays next, for now… This is the end…

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I have not posted in a long time and will no longer post to this blog. Things have changed dramatically for the better and in future I will start another blog but for now, this is the end…

I’m helping my friends in London, who are working so hard, to get their ski holidays website and ski resort guide off the ground…

so…  if you’re a friend of mine or just enjoyed reading this blog…  please please please help me to help my friends, by adding a link to them, on your own website and blog (the more places, the better)

How?  please make the words  “ski holidays”  link to   … and make the same  words “ski holidays” link to

you can also follow the snoman and family’s completely mad Grand Alpine Tour of 30+ ski holiday resorts last winter in a 1966 vintage Airstream – honest, they were researching european ski holidays – no really


Aging With Grace

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I got an email this morning from my ski holidays friend snoman which got me thinking. Not about ski holidays or european ski holidays, but thinking about old age and growing old. I am in my late thirties; that means I am almost forty. I am the youngest of four children with two older brothers (forty-two and forty-eight) and a sister who turned 50 this year!

I remember turning thirty and while some of friends at that time facing the same birthday, were freaking out at the prospect of getting “old”, the fact did not disturb me too much. Getting to the top of the hill is a journey and when you hit the top (and only YOU decide when you do) it is all downhill from there. Heard that before? I prefer to think of the downhill as free wheeling. All the fun of the ride without the pedaling!

Growing old(er) brings many advantages. Wisdom comes with age. While I am by far not the wisest person I know, I am sure as bob wiser than what I was when I was 21. One important thing I have learnt in my time so far is to stop worrying about everything and just tackle each day with renewed energy!

So here are some light hearted versions of growing old…enjoy!

Have a great day!

here are some ski holidays discounts offered to members of

Mad Cow

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I have mad cow disease. Well not the disease like the one that shows up in the UK every now and again and causes a huge beef shortage (and I am not talking about Amy Whine – sorry I mean Winehouse either). It is more like a state of mind – Mad Cow State of Mind.

I am in the early stages of middle age. Oh shush, I can imagine what you are thinking now. I will say early stages because I am only 37. In my heart I am 27 but mentally I must be about 60. The reason why I know I am going into the beginning (shush) of middle age is because the PMS has risen to a whole new level. A level that would scare the crap out of a suicide bomber if confronted by me. If you could clone my PMS stage, I would make excellent border guards or airport security personnel. Really, I mean it. Unless you have lived with me, you have no idea.

I was not always like this. I assume though I have always had horns hiding under my hair but when I was younger those only used to come out in mischievious circumstances. Now, on certain days, I wake up and they are wedged in my headboard. After I pluck myself from my bed, in case I need any assurance that they are indeed there, I just have to watch my family scatter before my very eyes as I make my way down to the kitchen to get my coffee…and scatter is what they do. The movement in the house resembles the reaction of someone shouting FIRE! in a department store. Even the cats take one look at this devilish apparition before them and opt for the dark confines of the basement.

On normal days, the idea of being confronted by a regurgitated hairball does not upset me. Make no mistake, I still don’t like it but I can cope with getting the kitchen paper towel and prying it loose from the carpet pile. And then having to mix the baking soda /vinegar concoction to get the stain and the smell out is no biggie. But…on a PMS day…well that is a whole different ball game.

The laundry too, gets me annoyed on normal days. On PMS days it gets me fired up and ready to shoot projectile undergarments at whoever crosses my path. This last weekend I could feel the PMS coming on – it was gnawing away at my happy disposition with every step I took, and with every word I spoke. Things were increasingly irritating to me. I tried to distract myself by baking, cooking grand meals, shoveling the driveway and doing the paperwork in the house. But nothing could stop the flow of the torrent that was about to engulf me. Then, hubby turned around and asked me why I was not cuddly…you could feel my eyes piercing through his skull as he sat looking at me wondering what he had just done. Just an innocent question in his mind. But to the Mad Cow, an indictment of failure to be the hostess, mother, and the sex kitten all rolled into one! Do I need this, I asked myself as I got dressed to go the supermarket at 8am on a Sunday? I flashed another look at Mr Cuddle Bunny who by now was regretting ever looking at me let alone opening his mouth.The rest of the day was spent with me being fine with the kids, and awful to the man that of course, in my mind, started this all.

Monday came and all and sundry were relieved at having the option of being else where for the day. The kids bounded off to school with relief that their teachers had to be friendly and helpful. The idea of a budget meeting made Cuddle Bunny dash into the shower and leave for work early with a joyous expression. I was left at the kitchen table to wallow in my self pity and to ‘get it out of my system’. The cats weren’t taking any chances. The came up from the darker nether room and seeing me in the kitchen cursing the clogged drain, retreated down the stairs again.

But one day alone can do wonders. That combined with my paranoia that the last words spoken should never be ones of anger, finally gets the buzzing to disappear in my head and I send out a flurry of emails proclaiming my love and humblest apologies. I did also mean to add in there that the apologies are sincere. They really are. When collecting the girls I purposefully do not wear my winter hat so that they can see the horns are no longer there and all is well in my little world again. My ears might be red and frostbitten but the horns are gone.

So now I am getting myself sorted out with ski holidays. I have reached a stage in my life when I have to take counter measures to ensure I stay sane. And married. I am going to tackle middle age with a vengeance and the only one quaking in my path will be that bloody little devil with the extra set of horns…

(starting a crazy mama ski holiday blog too)

Sensitive Teeth?

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The Week That Was – the good, the bad and the ugly…

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Okay, lets get one thing straight from the beginning – ski holidays or snoman style european ski holidays?  Nope, I love obsessing about ski holidays, but what tops the UGLY list immediately and without question would be my hair which my five year old described as “old” not understanding that I am trying to grow it a bit so that it can be cut in a decent style today, when I visit the hairdresser! My coiffure is reminiscent of the crown King Julian wears in the Madagascar movies…you parents will know what I am talking about…so while my older daughter asked me if I would be putting up a photo of my hair, I respectfully declined and lied about the camera being full.

my startled look as I plough through laundry jungle to bathroom mirror!

my startled look as I plough through laundry jungle to bathroom mirror!

An ugly and bad combined: a big shout out to Cialis and Levitra for choosing to advertise before the watershed!!! NOT! My children and I were in the living room some time after 6:30pm: Little one coloring in, older one reading, Mom being her Crackberry self (actually still trying to figure out how the thing works) when I switched the television on to Charlie Gibson’s “World” news. My eleven (soon soon to be twelve) year old looked up to listen to all that was happening. Then the ads came on and wham bam thank you ma’am, the Cialis ad quickly followed by Levitra. I continued to look at the Blackberry buzzing in my hands for some unknown reason when this young 11 year old voice asked me the question: “Mom, what is an erection?”

Holy crap…is what I was screaming in my head but calmly looked at her and explained the term. She is eleven, she got what she needed to know from our little discussion. So the talk is starting in baby steps…I am not completely sure how I will be approaching this all – having a tween is a first for me. So it should be an interesting journey to say the least.


Time for a good (or an ugly, depending on your point of view)…With Mother’s day coming up, my youngest is very enthralled by a day just for mommies. She figures she could get in on this action too, after all she is a mommy to eight teddies, four dolls, two penguins and six rocks…However, her main focus has been me…great!

“Mommy, it is going to be Mother’s Day soon…I have decided to give you a make over. I will do your make up and your hair, it looks old. I will also let Daddy buy you a new dress. You need a make over, you look like a maid…”

Now I am trying to see the brighter side of that remark, the only “maid” she knows is pre-FairyGodMother Cinderella…she was pretty in her rags according to the book’s pictures…..?